Off-healing and Specs

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So I'm pretty disgusted at how many times I just watched a boomkin cast regrowth in a fight between how much peel and utility it already gets. Ret is the same way, far overstocked and then has healing on top of it, albeit less effective than regrowth in the long run. Meanwhile we get "well f*** Shadow priests until 8.1 TEEHEE jUSt REroLl TiL Then". How is it okay for a company to render a spec absolutely unplayable?

If you would stop jamming expansion gimmicks down our throats, the classes would see better balance. Throwing things into the talents that used to be baseline is not the way, and Azerite traits in no way make up for a once controllable aspect. The 31 point talent tree was the top of the food chain, now we have gross homogenized talent rows where 90% of the time it's a "If you pick anything but this, you better be doing something very specific".

Tl;dr can ret and boomkins either lose some of their fight control, or off healing? All of it at once is disgusting mixed with their burst potential. PS: FIX PRIESTS, I don't pay a subscription to play a broken class, and right now I'm forced into playing other stuff until it is fixed, which on top of time-gating your content, is wasting my money.

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