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Similar to my previous post about favorite Classic zones, which of the Classic dungeons are your favorites? For atmosphere, loot, or personal reasons.

For me, I would choose Scholomance. Such a bleak, depressing looking dungeon, but I'm a sucker for that sorta stuff. Also had a sense of danger in the air, filled with a myriad of bosses infesting this creepy crypt. New Scholo is so watered down and colorful I can't take it seriously.

But hey, what about you guys?
Probably Maraudon or BRD. Both really big and sprawling.
I'd say most of them. Didn't do much Ragefire Chasm or the Razorfens (alliance) and I prefer stockade over Ragefire. That said though, it would be a close tie between Sunken Temple and Zul'farrak for me. Another loved one, is BlackFathom Deeps but people rarely wanted to do that place since it was fairly secluded and isolated from anything remotely interesting.

I am so looking forward to do all the 5-man's again!
Old Deadmines, mostly because it was the first dungeon I did.
Undead Stratholme and Maraudon for sure. Princess was the first boss I remember being really difficult and it felt good to finally clear that place. I also liked doing UBRS with 10 people.

Most of the dungeons were really enjoyable to be honest.
The original Scarlet Monastery Cathedral
BRD - best gear options
Tie between Maraudon and BRD.

Also, I liked Gnomeregan. I think a lot of the hate it got was undeserved. There were a few annoying areas where you could aggro half the instance and get screwed (and you had those dark iron mine things to deal with), but I thought the dungeon was really cool overall.
I can't wait to run all of SM on my enh sham. The dungeons were great, the gear looks amazing and it's also a comviently short walk from UC. It's going to feel great dinging 40 and equiping all that mail gear at once.

I love and hate BRD, but a lot of great drops in their. I just hope I don't experience it like vanilla - getting lost, groups breaking apart, etc.
ZF, you hit it around level 40 so lots of replacement gear. Leather going to mail. Mail going to plate.

It’s outdoors too.
08/30/2018 08:13 AMPosted by Ristra
ZF, you hit it around level 40 so lots of replacement gear. Leather going to mail. Mail going to plate.

It’s outdoors too.

Yeah, I loved ZF too. I wore my Big Bad Pauldrons all the way to level 60, until I finally got lucky with the Valor shoulders.

I also managed to get the epic 2h sword on my pally (which was 100% holy, in there as a healer) because the pieces both dropped in groups where nobody needed them or cared if I took them for offspec. That thing wasn't spectacular, but I had some fun questing as ret for a while with it just to screw around.
Hands down BRD
08/30/2018 08:13 AMPosted by Ristra
ZF, you hit it around level 40 so lots of replacement gear. Leather going to mail. Mail going to plate.

It’s outdoors too.

Zul' Farrak, Mauradon, BRD, UBRS and LBRS its my favorits

From John Staats, a designer for WoW Vanilla:
The older Vanilla dungeons were far more sprawling and non-linear than most of the modern WoW dungeons today. Why do you think dungeon design has changed in the modern era and which type of dungeon experience do you prefer more?
Definitely the old style since I'm a dinosaur. I'm a level designer, it's what I was hired to be. Most of the people in the department were environmental artists. Their art skills were better than mine, but I came from AD&D where credibility and immersion were important. I was anal about things such as eliminating hallways and that was something that didn't bother the rest of the team. LOL

I'm always a fan of nonlinear dungeons and is definitely something I've come to extremely miss from the old days of gaming.
I likes UBRS and BRD :)
I liked linear once. Really hated those where you can get lost. Never touching ubrs again as well, that place was packed with trash for hours.
Shadowfang Keep. Absolutely gorgeous setting, and even though alliance didnt really have quests pointing to it, battling through a werewolf infested castle to fight a dark wizard was just so right.
I much preferred the non-linear dungeons. That's probably the biggest drawback which came from TBC... Non-linear dungeons encouraged actual exploration which fostered immersion in an RPG (in contrast to the still challenging but linear dungeons which came later).

I think my favorite was probably Scholo personally but all the non-linears were great... And of course, Sunken Temple just because of all the people who could not find it.
Diremaul was easily one of the first dungeons that actually took me aback with how gorgeous and huge it was. What I cant wait for the is the ability to do full runs of it again where you can go through each of the wings without ever having to exit the dungeon. Plus the hidden highborne library always felt like such an accomplishment to reach.

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