Bear LF raid guild for BfA (horde or ally)

Auchindoun, Cho'gall, and Laughing Skull
Toon names: Tanktop (horde) Shorts (alliance)

I have tanked for several expansions,not always on a Druid but thats what I want to play now. I started Guardian tanking in Firelands, went 4/7 mythic (heroic at the time), fully cleared Dragon Soul, quit, came back at Siege of Orgrimmar and fully tanked it as well. Tanked on a warrior for most of Draenor, did some mythics in the first tier and fully tanked heroic BRF. Healed on a Holy pally for the start of Legion, 7/7 heroic 1/7 mythic EN, and now I'm here.

My Schedule: I work night shifts Sun-Wed and get off work at 5am. I'm looking for a guild that raids in the morning ~6am-8am or around that. I have Thurs-Sat off so if your guild only raids on those days I can do an afternoon raid schedule.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in my Battle Tag is Socks#1931

Looking forward to kicking some butt In BfA

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