Who will be your main tomorrow?

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I've had the same main since TBC. Not gonna change now.
My main every time a new expac releases is this, my first ever character.

Fury (fun) spec.
And that sweet sweet 10% rep bonus for being a human .. worth its weight in gold.
this guy
Reporting for duty, SIR! Gonna skin and work dat leather.
This has always been my main :) She has lived through all the expacs when they were current! I like to think that she has developed some kind of AI consciousness by now :)
The expac is perfect timing for me. I'll be at home and the kids will have just went to sleep. I'm still debating whether to main this goodest of BOIS or my draenei paladin. But overall my wife and I are stoked.
This fellow for Horde, and my Pandaren Mage for Alliance!
Torn between Disc and Mistweaver! Someone help!
It's been a long time. But I'm gonna stick it out with my shaman. I'm excited to shoot bolts of lightning from my freaking fingers. UNLIMITED POWER
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I'm still undecided myself. I was thinking about using my NE DH for Alliance and my boosted Troll Druid for Horde. Then i got started thinking about using my Human Paladin that is only level 106 currently for the rep bonus and either my BE DH or BE Paladin for horde, but now I still haven't completely decided yet.
I kinda have 3 mains for BfA starting out.

The first character I run right at launch will probably be this character I'm on now since I'll actually be on right at launch. The second character will be another Alliance character that I'll pull out to play with my best friend when she comes online a bit later in the early evening. The third character will be a Horde character, brought on when my husband comes home late evening, so we can play together.

I'm excited. Going to be very busy and having fun all day long!
This gal alliance side, my undead warlock for horde. Unless something happens during leveling that changes my mind? But I doubt it. This has been my alliance main since BC, and the warlock has been my horde main since wrath.
This one! I have too much fun with her.
this guy since 2005!
*raises hand*
This character.
08/12/2018 06:56 PMPosted by Senseí
I will be starting with this guy. Who are you starting with?

I mained a gnome rogue in vanilla doing lots of pvp stuff. I feel this will probably be my last xpac...it just doesn't bring me the same joy it used to, and I'm getting a bit old and slow in the reflexes. So I think in honor of that, I might go back to my gnome rogue as my main in this xpac for one last blast from the past.
Probably my shaman. I love ele but it's crap post 115.

I'll still stick it out seeing as I've played shaman since vanilla day 2.
08/12/2018 06:56 PMPosted by Senseí
I will be starting with this guy. Who are you starting with?

The same character that has been my main since I first bought the game in 2010, which is the very same one I use to mark myself in the forums!

I haven't found any reason to swap my main at all, though I've had some gripes with the dungeon finder finding me the worst people to try to run dungeons with for the last 2 expansions, given how the DPS feel they can Tank, die, then blame me for them dying.

I know it's not a common thing overall, but it just feels like I'm on a special list for Blizz to troll.

But I still main this character!

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