Melee class most similar to lock playstyle

I'm looking to have both melee and ranged toons in bfa. So I was wondering if all you guys know of any melee class similar to lock?
deathknight? can dot or hit like truck, has pets and low mobility.
unholy dk = melee warlock
I would say dk, though there is much less pet interaction than demonology and only one spec has a pet.

The best part playing a dk gives to ability to play has a blood dk, a spec based entirely around self healing as such you can get away with a lot of nonsense.
may sound weird but frost dk is prolly the most similar imo
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I'm looking to have both melee and ranged toons in bfa. So I was wondering if all you guys know of any melee class similar to lock?

Each Warlock spec plays very differently so you'll have to be more specific. Since you're armory says Destro I'm assuming you mean that kind of standard high tempo, simple, builder spender. In which case your best bet would be most Melee. Unholy DK takes a lot of skill to reach its potential but Frost is a lot easier and very similar to Destro in it's simplicity. Ret Paladin too is very simple in its builder/spender style.

Though if you want more of a challenge and more of an Affliction style of play then go with Rogue or Feral Druid. The amount of focus and skill to correctly maximize the benefits of all the buffs/debuffs at your disposal can be challenging and very satisfying.
None. All melee are high mobility, proc based classes. Destro plays a little like Assassin Rogue in the points, but essentially lock is the gimp in the dungeon, there's few like it. If you want to experience what lock used to be like, use some of the really old buffs we used to enjoy, then I'd say Feral Druid, but that's more affliction. Assassin Rogue is probably your best choice in terms of feel, but most lock will play hunter for actual pet interaction or rogue, because killing is easy and being killed is hard. Current lock is simple to kill as rogue lol
Feral used to be a lot like lock. It used to be about tracking dots and maintaining self-buffs or debuffs on the target. I'm not sure it still is but it was the only class that still had snapshotting at the end of legion.

You may look into a druid any way because if you're dissatisfied with feral you can always go to any other spec (at very least you can use those specs to avoid dps queues for daily heroic, etc.).
I see a LOT of similarities between the Rogue specs.

Sub is the CD oriented burst spec, does big damage every 30s or so (Shadow Dance/Symbols vs Havoc/Cata)
Outlaw is the "press whatever proc lights up" spec
and Assassination is the DoT spec.

Destro --> Demo --> Aff accordingly.

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