[A] Guardians of the Light recruiting!

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
We are an old vanilla guild that played pretty actively up through cataclysm, and then real life crit most of us. A few of us have decided to come back for BFA and we're looking to grow! Members have experience with Mythic+ as well as PvP at a 2.2k+ level. We are not an elitest bunch of jackwads and enjoy hanging out and chatting in guild chat while gathering / questing / etc. We are a mature guild, big boy talk in guild chat. We respect each member but have a playful culture and love to joke around (see big boy chat).

What we are not looking for are people who expect us to be server first at anything. We're looking to be compete early on but as our guild is small at the moment we do not have the manpower to raid as a guild as of yet. We're looking to change that as we grow, current members have experience with old school hard mode and mythic raiding.

If you're tired of being benched or a returning player looking for a new guild because yours is dead then give us a shout out! Contact myself, Poplug or Barace for info about joining us.

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