Warmode "worked" last night.

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It clicked for me last night, finally. I had fun, specifically because of warmode.

Questing in Vol'dun. There's an area where the horde and alliance both have quests (Not WQ I believe). These quests are in the same general area but have different objectives. So the alliance is running around in these run down buildings and the horde is running around on the outskirts of the ruins doing other things. This means you're constantly in each others peripheral vision but not directly competing for the same mobs.

Multiple fights popped off. I jumped some people, some people jumped me, /1 was getting lit up with folks talking about other areas where similar skirmishes were breaking out and folks were moving around to help out.

I watched people fighting and questing, trying to do both. I saw people pulling single mobs at a time and running around because they were worried about getting jumped. Heck... one time, I ran past an alliance lock who had a mob and (on my druid) went cat and stealthed and just stood there to watch him start hoping around expecting me to jump out at any moment. I just sat there and giggled for a bit. Then... a couple of his friends showed up and started casting AEs all over the place to try and break me out, so I just slinked off.

A little later I'm running back to turn something in and see a horde mage get jumped by a rogue, I jumped in to help and during the fight 2 more alliance showed up, then 2 more horde.... it was like that off and on all night.

Sure, my leveling on my druid slowed down, but I haven't had that much fun in WoW in.... well, a LONG time.

World PVP had it's moments in the past, but right now it's the best it's ever been in my opinion. Scaling is a little jacked, but aside from that... if you've got warmode on it feels like a PVP server SHOULD feel.
I've been playing since the very beginning of WoW, and I've never been much of a PvPer. I played BGs a lot when they came out, but that was really it. However, I've recently turned Warmode on, and it's been so much fun.

I've experienced exactly what you described, and I've had so much fun. i suck, but it's fun :)

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