Legion gear acquiring BFA requirements

Bug Report
Today I was out farming stuff, and every piece of BOE gear I got had a level requirement that matched the level of the toon that looted it. Others have been reporting the same thing from lockboxes.
  • https://www.wowhead.com/item=121153
  • For example, those boots are ilvl 158. The ones I've looted show they require lvl 117 to use. Somehow the coding is messed up somewhere.

    Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/kl5z9u
    Second this. I careless allowed my main to get to 111 level because I didn't know that would lock me OUT of lots of Legion content such as LFRs. (I have since locked his xp, but unfortunately I can't roll his level back to 110).

    I have noticed that all random green BOE drops now require level 111. They're getting tossed to my enchanter for disenchantment on account of being useless for any of my alts who finally get to Legion content. (Not that my enchanter has a use for Legion dusts for another 70 levels, but Arcana stacks better than gear)

    Please fix this issue with Legion drops.
    Thirding this for the sake of getting noticed.

    Auction House on my server has legion iLVL items with level requirements all the way up to 120. Noticed this while I was posting recent drops from Broken Shore.
    Completely off-topic, and I apologize for that, but I must say - the trade chat conversation you capture in the screenshot is funny.
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