What class will be your Dark Iron/Mag'har?

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Mag'har Warrior, specifically a Blackrock orc. I really like that heritage set.
Mage probably. Dwarf casters have always been pretty bad !@# to me.
Only play Horde so my Mag'har are going to be:
-2 warriors
-1 monk
-1 hunter
-1 priest
I am still deciding on what to make for both.. I originally was gonna go Dark Iron Pally, but considering I have my main here and a LF Pally.. Likely not. Maybe Rogue or Demo Warlock. Demo warlocks are awesome right now!

As for Mag'har.. It's a toss up between, Hunter, Shaman, or warrior. I love Fury warrior and BM Hunter. Shaman though makes me iffy because of what I've been hearing about it.. It's got the bad end of the stick from what I've heard.. But Maybe. As a RPer, I am not sure tbh.
Mag'har: Hunter.

Dark Iron: Warrior.

Heritage armor: Meh, don't care for either of it.
I already have one of every class. No interest in leveling a duplicate class alt.
Upon retrospect, I can't decide if i want a Priest or Mage.

........Still gonna be a Blackrock Orc though.
Dark Iron beast hunter/engineer

But I may just stay a bloodelf... cause I like being pretty. And orcs are ugly.
Every time I think about the fact that I not only have to grind to exalted with these factions to get the allied races, but also have to wait until blizzard actually !@#$ING LETS ME GRIND FOR REP, GOD DAMMIT STOP BLUE BALLING ME!!!

... Yeah, it makes me a little angry. I'm honestly thinking about unsubbing for a while. Maybe check back next year and see if they'll let me play what I want.
Khalgra here is destined to be a Mag'har hunter. Something about an ex-Iron Horde rifleman really blasts my giggle boots.
Dark Iron Dwarf?
I don't have a Warlock on Alliance, and that goth appearance is just too good to pass up.

Mag'har Orc?
Priest, most likely.
I have an idea to RP one that was shunned for liking the Light (due to lore reasons), but never sided with the zealots. New class/race combination, plus those pigtails are adorable. I just wish they had implemented that super pale Shattered Hand skin...
08/25/2018 04:02 AMPosted by Jinjinks
Gonna level either a rogue or Hunter Mag'har then race change my Warrior to mag'har for the sweet set.
Then gonna keep farming out tusks.
Already got Prot warrior Mage tower


Oh dear god does that Bleeding Hollow Warrior look so awesome! why haven't i been farming tusks x3 all this time for? im such an idiot!.
I'm going to do Mag'har Hunter and Dark Iron Warrior.
08/24/2018 04:48 PMPosted by Edmonor
I want to make this blue poster aware the Mag'har CAN be priests, whereas normal orcs CANNOT.

Aren't the magar orcs the normal orc and the green ones fel infused??
Demon Hunter dark iron dwarf

even tho they are just promoting giving money away for cosmetics......

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