Black screen at Character Select

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Wow you can even get that far. My realm list says i have no characters.
I have a black screen and my husband sitting a few feet away is playing the expansion -____________-
Same problem here. My friend logged in earlier and he is still in and playing.
08/13/2018 03:04 PMPosted by Joheevus
do roll outs ever not struggle?

Overwatch had a really smooth launch, but that's a little different. I can't remember a flawless WoW launch, lot's of moving pieces.
Went in early to work.
Left work early to catch release.
Snacks at the ready.
Took tomorrow off.
Lots of coffee on standby.

AAAAANNNNND a black screen.
One of my kids got in though, so there is that at least. :-)

Edit: Literally hit submit to this post and at the same time characters popped up. Looks like just waiting worked.
Same here, tried many servers, but same problem on them all, even get an error if I try to create a character.
I am not even getting my realm list. It comes up with the new player realm list as if I had no prior characters.
I am also having this issue
Currently unable to view any of my characters across all realms, just black screen.
Its safe to say EVERYBODY is having this problem and cannot login, I think we should all be compensated as this is a big day and many people made arrangements just to take advantage of launch day.
Alright, while we wait...

Which Alliance or Horde character would you... H-Hold hands with?
I see this is affecting alot of people. Hope you fix it ASAP.
i am getting this as well
Fixed for me, took 2-3 mins sitting at the realm screen
Same here. Saurfang.
I also am experiencing the black screen. Void themed expansion online.
I just got in!

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