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So, im currently studying for my LSAT (Law School Acceptance Test) and its suppose to occur on the 8th of September. It has a huge impact on where I go to school and probably where and how easily I can acquire a job in the future. Currently im studying 4 - 5 hours a day though admittedly I dont think I'm where i want to be for the exam. I however can't stop thinking about BFA cuz I REALLY want to see what happens after UC.

What I'm asking for is a little advice, should i just play the campaign or just keep ignoring wow till after the exam? I feel like i already know the answers im gonna get but sometimes i need a little guidance , thanks in advance.
Don't play. The game is utterly broken at the moment with PvE and PvP scaling. You just get weaker as you level, or ganked by lowbies that are immune to your attacks and melt you HP in split seconds.

You're doing yourself a favor by focusing on your studies because by the time you're done, maybe Blizzard will have fixed all these problems.

Currently there is no sense of accomplishment or progression. You gain nothing by leveling and everything and everyone levels with you.

It's dead. The game died and we're waiting for it to be ressed by a hotfix.
I would suggest to have some self control and do things by priority, no matter how mundane and boring the most important things usually are. You can play all you want (for like a week or two before the result came in and time to start applying) after the exam.
Honestly, focus on your exam. There will always be catch-up mechanisms added to help you catch up with the rest of the crowd if you feel like you're falling behind.
If you're REALLY dying to play, then reward yourself with some playtime after X hours of studying. That's what I used to do when I was in college. I would study for a couple hours and reward myself with some WoW. Rinse and repeat everyday.
Why not both. Just add parental controls to your game that force you to stop playing after an hour or two.

Give someone else the password like Mum or Dad, just cause you're not a kid anymore doesn't mean they can't help out :D
Don't play. LSAT's are quite a test and one you do not want to be underprepared for, a game ain't worth cutting into studying for em. Everything currently in BfA will be waiting for you when you pass with flying colours.
Don't play. It's not worth it. I burned through the content like an addict, and now there is nothing left to do but deal with rep and time gates. The game will be just as playable in a year, and you won't miss anything. You'll actually be better off. They essentially reward you for not playing with catchup mechanics. Also tbh, as of right now, the combat is pretty terrible. It feels like a huge step backwards.
08/17/2018 01:56 AMPosted by Galetia
So, im currently studying for my LSAT (Law School Acceptance Test)

So I guess your going to be the next lead Dev of wow.

Please put a good word in for me and give me free lots.
P.s. don'tbreak the game
I'm working 12-hour days, much of it from home, until the end of the month. I try to limit my WoW to an hour in the morning. If you can do that, you'll gt your fix. If you think you won't be able to limit it to an hour, uninstall WoW until after Sept 8.

I hope the exam goes well!!! :D
Thanks guys I really appreciate the responses, I'm just gonna just uninstall it and keep focused on the exams! Thanks for the support!

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