Remove Frenzied Regen off the GCD

Please remove Frenzied Regen off the GCD, It's clunky and just poor design. Change it back to how it was. From a design standpoint it doesn't make any sense. Presumably I've been hit hard by a boss, and my healer has failed to heal the damage yet. Instead of being able to quickly respond to the loss of life by casting frenzied regen, I now have to wait a second before I can cast it, which may be too late, I may be dead or maybe my healer has responded and now my cast was wasted. Due to it's long cooldown it wouldn't make sense to pre-emptively cast Frenzied regen except for in niche circumstances where I already know a large ability is incoming, in which case I would have to time it masterfully to not waste any of the regen. Anyway, please actually have your devs tank with a druid and use the ability to realize how extremely annoying and clunky it is now that it is on the gcd.
I agree. It's horribly flawed class design (feral says hi) defensive reactions like FR shouldn't be on the gcd.
Agreed. Don't like how it feels at all.

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