[A] <Crisp> Weekend Mythic LF Tank/DPS!

Guild Recruitment

It's that time again! The beginning of an X-Pac and the start of something new! Looking to bolster our roster with some dps (shaman, lock, ww preferred) and possibly an experienced off-tank for the weekend run. All applicants will be considered!

The "Rice Crispies" raid Friday and Saturday 5:00-8:00 Pacific.

The main Crisp group is US 154, World 436. The intent is to be behind the main core group (seeing as they raid 4-5x/week), but to clear mythic content while relevant.

If interested, whisper me (Velasca#1991) for more information. If you prefer, you may apply at Crispguild.com under Rice Crispies. If accepted, there will be a two week trial period. Thanks for checking us out and I look forward to hearing from you!

For more information, see below:

Crisp is an adult progression raiding guild on US-Baelgun founded in 2007 by GM Samiam, Crisp began achieving more notable rankings and kill placements during the Cataclysm expansion and has continued to grow as a progression raiding machine ever since. With an emphasis on providing a highly sustainable and fun raiding environment, we strive to promote an atmosphere that retains high quality players and efficiently conquers the pixel monsters in World of Warcraft.

We expect near-perfect attendance from all raiders. If there is a known conflict, the raid leader (Velasca) needs to be made aware as soon as possible.

Raiders are required to have a stable internet connection, a computer capable of raiding, Mumble with a working microphone, an open mind, and a good attitude :)

We prefer a minimum age of 18 for the raid group.

Raid Expectations
A good attitude! The goal is to have fun! Negativity surrounding loot, entitled behaviors, disrespect, and consistent talking or backtalk, will absolutely not be tolerated.

This raid has a limited timeframe; as such, talking will be reduced to raid leaders and players with key assignments during boss encounters.

Able to listen to instruction and follow through with delegated assignments
Fully enchanted gear, gems in gear, potions, and knowing your BIS gear for loot purposes.

Be ready for invites 15 minutes prior to raid time. Be inside the instance and ready to pull at 5:00 PST.

Be familiar with boss encounters and boss mechanics prior to raid.
Research your class and use logs to always strive to optimize your performance.

Other Discussion Points
This raid is an entity of Crisp. As such, being supplied with consumables will sometimes come with a tradeoff. Once progression content has been cleared comfortably, this run may provide sales for the guild. This gold will fund the bank and ultimately allow Crisp to supply the Rice Crispies with items needed to continue raiding.

Boss encounter strategies will be based primarily on Crisp main raids but will be amended to the strong suits of the weekend run by the raid leaders as needed.

Due to the nature of the run, it maintains a level of professionalism while enjoying a laid back environment. This is a very important and withstanding quality that we will look to maintain going forward. There will be banter, there will be jokes, but during boss fights we expect performance over tomfoolery.

While in Crisp, it is expected that you are respectful to the community – both in Crisp and in other guilds. This includes not trolling in trade, having altercations with other players, or being rude or disrespectful in pugs.
Add akerous#1303 we would love to talk to you! also my friend decided to switch mains to pally, specifically Holy pally, but can cover any roll that is needed.
Still need a few dps! There is also potential for an experienced tank :)
Lock position just opened up, along with a dk, WW, and shaman deeps!
Y'all need a tank?
For a tank, logs would need to show top 10% on past mythic encounters and solid progression/knowledge of class.
^ LF Experienced tank!

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