Yellow dots on map?

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Anyone know what these yellow dots are? I've seen them all over.
They seem to roughly correspond to the location of villages.
probably something to do with one of your addons?

i haven't noticed them
I dont use many out of the ordinary addons, so Im really not sure. I went to one of them and there wasnt really anything there that I could tell it was marking.
They kind of look like TomTom waypoints but not exactly. You can clear them if they are.
are they Flight paths maybe?
I dunno mon, you might wanna get it checked out
I would disable each of your addons in turn and check to see if they stay there.
They're glitches caused by the World Quest Tracker addon, and sometimes get left behind where world quests were.
Thank you Honeymoon!
They are the rogues in your group who got lost.

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