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Heals Pally looking for relaxed, small, adult guild ( i dont have a filter so im probally not good for children lol)Looking to do mythic+, raids really anything. In eastern timezone can play any night after 8pm (9pm server) any day. Will try to check back here. Feel free to message in game with any questions.
Hi there Corson! If you're open to realm swapping, my guild and I (Lightbringer-alliance) would love to have you join us :) We are looking for more heroic/mythic ready raiders to join us for progression, m+ and fun in BFA. We took a substantial break toward the end of legion and are looking to rebuild our raid teams. We will be pushing through heroic and possibly mythic for those who are interested (but not required). In addition to raiding many of us enjoy leveling alts together, pvp, dungeons, legacy raids for mogs, mounts and achievements and many other things. We also have an active cross game discord server and many of us play other games together as well. All of us are adults, most without any filters so you'd fit right in ;)

We're currently looking to raid Tue, Wed 8-10pm EST (Thurs for cleanup days if needed), and our weekend team will be raiding Fri, Sat same times with Sun cleanup if needed or for alt runs.

If you'd like to know more then feel free to add my btag Lupa1214#11197. Thank you and best of luck!

discord server: discord.gg/EGmVFB4
Guild: Stoic
Faction: Horde
Server: Zul’jin
Stoic is recruiting for Mythic+ and Heroic Raids. We are a community focused group of former “hardcore” raiders. We completed AOTC in all raids in legion and are looking to do the same in BFA. We raid Fri and Sat 10PM – 1 AM EST server time. Looking for DPS and Healers to round out our raid team. Great community that likes to game together and hang out in Discord.
If you are interested add me on Bnet Willy890#1450.
Hello friend! We are also not safe for children haha. Here is some info on our guild, let me know if you have any questions, best way is to add my bnet Fated#11908 message me anytime. Firstly, our main goal is to create a Guild like the great guilds of old, bc wrath and part of cata pre LFR. A guild where everybody knows everybody. Where you recognize people in voice without even knowing who is online. Where the camaraderie is something to look forward to. <After Shock> has been around since wrath. We’ve got a solid group of close friends from all over and would love to add more

Times available & time zone:
-raid times will be ~10-2 mountain time on Friday and Saturday nights, we also play a lot during the week and daytimes hours but nothing is scheduled as of right now. M+ will definitely be a focus for us in bfa.

-we are on the Sen’jin/Quel’dorei conjoined servers. Combined they’re a mid pop server, not too much not too little.


-Casually Hardcore

Current progression/experience:
-loads of experience across multiple expansions, not the most hardcore group but we’re not new to raiding

Contact info:
-add my bnet: Fated#11908

Hope to hear from you! Would love to chat
Influence would be interested in talking to you.

Tues, Thurs, Sun 7-10pm EST

We're in search of a healer to fill out our raid team.

Tues/Wed/Fri 630p-930p Pacific.

Add me on bnet if you're interested - phierce#1234

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