Anyone exalted with Zandalari Empire?

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Just wondering if anyone is yet, tho I don't believe it's possible. if so, did you get another follow up to the Vol'Jin stuff and/or something that at least hints towards unlocking Zandalari trolls?

Curious of anyone has gotten a new quest yet, specifically the 2nd part for 'Spirits Be With You' achievement
It's definitely possible. I'm almost 1/2 through revered and I've been going slow, even.
Sidenote to this, is there any kind of further story unlocked on Alliance side with rep? I'm Revered with all three zone reps and haven't seen anything...
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It's definitely possible. I'm almost 1/2 through revered and I've been going slow, even.

I've been going hard with Zandalari and switched my contract but still about 3k or so from exalted
im exalted now i haven't seen any new quest or received one automatically
I stopped over a week ago farming Zandalari rep and I'm around 11k revered. I am pretty sure someone is exalted.
can anyone tell me why my ally toon has Zandalari Empire rep and im Hated and getting no more rep from out there
1> Odd necro
2> It does prove one of the more salient facts about this game: if you try and do many of the grinds in a day... it's a royal PITA. But over time, they're all quite easy. Seriously, many of things people complain about in this game all come down to the fact it's DESIGNED to be done somewhat slowly... yet the people that play it tend to have a gogo gogo gogogo mentality. They don't mix well.

3> @Senaatu: You're alliance. Zanda is a Horde faction. Why WOULD you be able to raise it?
I'm exalted, though don't recall any new quests popping up.
Honorbound and Zandalari are the only two factions my belf mage IS exalted with, and that was mainly because I was doing every scrap of reputation available to unlock Mag'har and to have Zandalari already done for when they become playable.
Zandalari Empire was the first rep I got exalted with horde side.
Zandalari is the easiest of the 3 faction reps. Had that done jeez over a month ago? Daily WQ map clears helped a long ways to exhaulted.

Tbh dont know bout story part, havnt really paid attention :/
You need Revered with Zandalari to unlock the 2nd half of the Spirits quest chain. It basically just sends you to kill G'huun, so a bit of a let down.
Yes I am exalted with them. I am exalted with all current factions.
not even close. lol stop doing that a few months ago. i was at revered just needed 2500 points.
done already nearly have my second character done, and my 3rd which is my dk is closing in on revered.
I've been exalted over a month.

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