Random Lag Spikes in 8.0 Part 2

Technical Support
Since the other thread was locked and I didn't get to post:

I am having the same problem with lag spikes since the pre-patch released.

My screen will freeze for about 10-15 seconds then come back and since I pvp and raid alot, I am invariably dead or it's a wipe in a raid setting. As an officer in a mythic raiding guild, I find the state of the game unacceptable. This needs to be addressed ASAP by blizzard tech team. It is affecting WAY too many people to be a user side issue.

See previous thread:

Same issues here. Haven't found a fix yet.
The MVP in the previous thread said we all need to make separate posts. I just posted regarding this issue, and it appears that it was quickly deleted? The post doesn't exist, it isn't in my post history, and the history link I pulled from my browser now goes to a 404.
Yes, they keep closing the posts because too many comments happen without enough info. Follow their directions on how to run the WinMTR and gather info that you can make an individual post about.

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