Quest - Show Me What You've Got

I just do not have the hand eye coordination to complete the quest.

I have consulted wowhead and youtube and see how it can be done, but I just can't get it done.

This quest is part of a achievement chain and as such I can't complete the chain.

So if the chain is a prerequisite to anything important I am out of luck as I am an uncoordinated numpty
I am not too please with this today myself. This quest is needed for flying. I did this one beta and it really wasn't this hard to do. Either it is bugged or something is messed up.
Here you go, I was able to get this with this advise.

08/15/2018 08:09 AMPosted by Seirwyn
Make sure your "style" buff for jumping the fences is remains stacked and it gives you a bonus to stabbing the dummies. I think you have ~4 seconds to get to jump the fence again before the buff disappears and you start from 0. Getting the zeppelins down scores the most points, but they can be difficult to see, target, and take out within the time limit, plus there's no real guarantee of when they'll come or where from.

The more you jump, the more points you get per stabbed dummy, though.

Just do a bunch of jumping and then watch for the flying things. I got it by attacking I think 3 of those hoggers and two of the bolos and just jumping.
I had posted on this thread yesterday and now it's gone but my problem is the third zeppelin shows up and disappears almost instantly, as soon as the words 'zeppelin out' I see it and before I can react, it's gone.
This quest is terrible. I've tried following advice from guildies and WoWhead but I have trouble keeping the stacks up (yes I am jumping fences but the buff randomly expires anyway). The third zepplin vanishes early.

Show Me What You've Got should not be a requirement to finish the zone. The Norrington estate is the last chapter I need to finish the zone and it is *extremely* frustrating to be stuck here.
I want to come back and give more specific feedback now that I've calmed down and had some time to think about this quest and why it got me so angry. I am not somebody who gives up quickly on something in WoW, I know how to check resources. When worst comes to worst I usually just put my head down and plow thru whatever grind or unpleasantness needed to get a quest done and then avoid it forever after.

One, vehicle quests have always been controversial in WoW. I remember when the ToC tournament dailies came out, people hated them. Fortunately you didn't have to do them every day. I regularly skipped the dueling ones which meant it took me longer to unlock everything but it was worth it to avoid the frustration. I play WoW because I want to play my characters, not an awkward vehicle.

Which brings me to my second issue. This quest should not be a bottleneck for finishing the zone. It is very important to complete zones these days for multiple reasons. Putting a quest like this in a critical spot is guaranteed to cause problems. It's fine to make it a challenge, the 300 points to get an achievement is not a problem but make the basic version a side quest. Not a requirement.

When you talk to guildies and check WoWhead (quick shoutout to how unacceptable it is to have to go to a 3rd party site that has so much malware) and still can't finish a quest that is a critical bottleneck I think it's pretty understandable that this is not acceptable.

I hope at the very least this quest is a priority to have bugs fixed. I'm going to log in to fill out a bug report about the fence buff vanishing at 2 seconds and the 3rd zeppelin vanishing. Even with the fixes I hope this quest is tweaked to make it easier to finish. I had been enjoying BfA immensely until running into this.
I'm having problem with that quest too, it's the only chain i need to finish for the land achiv, so it makes me very sad lol.

I jump fences but my buff doesn't seems to stack no matter what, and i don't see any zepelin... Well i will retry tomorrow with the advices you guys gave and i hope i will be able to do it!
I have been doing this quest for an hour. I have tried every hint. I jump everything, but the multiplier doesn't work. This kind of puzzle baloney shouldn't be required to get the achievement. If I wanted to do platforming, I'd play a platform game.

I guess I will getting Pathfinder on the Horde side. Unless Blizz decided to torture them with a similiarly horrible quest.
ya it was reported during beta and they never fixed it, i'll be getting flying on horde side also because of it.
This quest is very hard, i rage quit it last night. The third zepplin is announced at 2 seconds left and is not targetable until after the timer, so dont wait for it. You must get 50 points hitting targets, and if you have any lag, it near impossible. I will try again in a couple days.
Using a macro to target the zeppelin will go a long way to completing this.

/tar paper and put it on a key not involved in the quest.

I made a smaller circle around the 6-7 fences closest to where you came in and ignored the rest.

Spam your speed boost and jump button as you get near the fences, don't worry too much about hitting them head on, I actually found going a bit sideways helped it count.

Don't worry about hitting the mole-ish things that pop up until you have 10+ stacks of style.

As soon as you hear Zeppelin Out, spam your macro and then the bolero button.
I have been having trouble, too. And, am so disappointed that I cannot get this or at this point the fun enjoyment is gone for me. A fun resort style place for the player I was thinking, now turned to frustration as my little laptop and slow reflexes can’t get it done. I sure wish it was not part of Pathfinder! Thanks for listening!

Edit to add that I wish the player could do it in whatever way works and not so specific. I got to 142 points doing my “chicken-with-it’s-head-cut-off” horse riding! Also, it would be great if the rd zeppelin spawned in a more timely manner---mine i could never click on as it spawns and phases out right at the end.
Just completed it... just concentrate on jumping and getting the buff, when the second zeppplin comes out if you already have around 70 points and 10 stacks, it should finish the quest for you. I hit only 2 or 3 targets to complete it, the stacks for jumping is everything.
I suggest everyone do what I did. Open Game Menu, Help, Submit Suggestion. Maybe if enough people complain to Blizz, they'll nerf this ridiculous quest.
I just hate this quest….
Me too... I've given up on it...
as soon u run in the entrance turn to your right there is on one fence, 1 barrel about 5 yards away, 1 barrel 15 yards.

My trick, jump the fence, turn around, wait till timer between 3 and 4 seconds, jump back over same fence, wait till 3-4 seconds left on multiplier then jump it again. Then start hitting the barrels on each side of the fence. Hitting the barrels will increase timer and again just jump fence at 3 to 4 seconds still. Will be able to get up to 10x multiplier. Just need to get 50 points using the method and 2 zepplins get the 150.

While doing it as well set up a macro, /tar paper and soon as u locked on hit your number 3 for super fast zepplin kills.

This quest was annoying as !@#$ trying to do via a circuit style due to incosistency of gate not working. Just jump one fence back and forth and happy days.
This is quite possibly the stupidest required quest ever.
Got past this quest on my Paladin, but so far after forty minutes can't on my hunter. Sighs....
I have tried this quest many times now. I read the part about setting the macro, but evidently I am not setting mine correctly. It does nothing for shooting the Zeppelins out of the air... I set my macro /target paper and set it … then I put it onto my toolbar. I use all the toolbars I can, so I was a little confused as to the name of the slot this was actually in? Action Bar? Multi-action Bars? I'm at a loss... Very disappointed that if I don't complete this, I won't ever earn my flying...

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