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09/20/2018 04:35 PMPosted by Sumyunguyy
Isn't the 300 point quest needed for pathfinder?

No, only the 150 version. The 300 one is the intermediate level and for an achievement there is the 600 point one.

The chapter achievement for that area will pop a couple quests after the 150 one and possibly the zone achievement as well depending on when you did it. I personally ended up doing it last and both popped then.
WOW you sucked me into what was had been a worthwhile expansion and then you blew it with a pac-man style arcade quest.

The joy of gaming is to figure out strategies and tactics and solve problems. This is just an exercise in appeasing some clown on your development team.

I hope you all get a good kick out it and enjoy the revenue from what was a great run, but it's now just a cult of personality that is no longer enjoyable.

- Hroken 2011 - 2018 R.I.P.
08/29/2018 03:42 AMPosted by Nosferátu
Blizzard needs to make this quest a little easier.

I gave up after a half hour of trying...

It has nothing to do with your skills, it has to do with luck. The lottery would be more entertaining than this quest.
I get on horse and no bars show. I disabled addons and same thing!
I have too much lag for this quest. I tried it in Sept, Oct and now today and it the only one I need to finish this questline.
08/14/2018 03:02 PMPosted by Llayandra
I just do not have the hand eye coordination to complete the quest.

I have consulted wowhead and youtube and see how it can be done, but I just can't get it done.

This quest is part of a achievement chain and as such I can't complete the chain.

So if the chain is a prerequisite to anything important I am out of luck as I am an uncoordinated numpty

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