[H] FULL TILT - Mythic Progression

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Hello BT/SS! It's time to go Full Tilt in BfA!

Full Tilt
We're an established guild of seven years. Rebranded (renamed) from Legion, we were a casual-hard guild that is now going hardcore raid guild for BfA. We have several cutting edge raiders with us and each tier in BfA will be a Cutting Edge tier. We're friendly and approachable with a good level of maturity (and fun immaturity at times) while still pursuing our raid goals.

Raid Atmosphere
During raid the focus is progression as efficiently as possible. Killing trash we chat, joke, have fun, talk about whatever, but when it comes to boss kills everybody is silent except for the raid leader and those assigned to make calls. We are friendly and mature as a player base - we have zero tolerance for insults - but we will tell people when they need to improve. With that, we will also tell them how to improve. The focus is progression and the raid team comes before any individual. Being friends doesn't mean we won't bench, and being benched doesn't mean we're not friends.

Outside of Raid
When not raiding we're very social. There's usually a large group just chilling in Discord. We watch films together, chat, push Mythic keys, achievements, quest, world quest... we even have a guild SC. We're very far from being raid-loggers and we act like a family. Throughout Legion there were usually 20+ people online at any given time.

Raid Days/Times
Wed/Thurs/Mondays - 7:00pm - 9:30pm PST
We're a West Coast guild but have plenty of East Coast raiders.

Next Step
The current process is to join our Discord and interview with a couple of our officers to see if you have a personality/goal fit. We're not looking for "I'm just here to have fun", we're looking for "I want to get Cutting Edge". Over the next few weeks until Uldir opens you can run Mythic dungeons with us, gel together, gear up - ready to hit raid hard.

Contact Info
Btag: Mike#17759
Discord: https://discord.gg/usqzcVM
Best of luck to you and your guild in the upcoming raids. We will be there too giving you a run for your money. :)
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