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Agree op
we are a week in and you can already see the cracks.

without legendaries to farm ( or paragon mounts {[ read carefully: i dont want to see that stupid RNG mess back from the paragon mounts [}, the entire WQ/emissary system dies the second people start getting to exalted. they become completely pointless.

M0s are almost pointless now as most of the raiders are now outgearing them. particular dungeons will be avoided like the plague due to obnoxious mechanics in some of them. the M+ system will be interesting after uldir and if blizz implement on the second raid tier any actually interesting traits for the azerite gear. if they do bring in new azerite traits that do offer actual gameplay decisions and fun elements to classes, M+ gearing becomes pointless and the entire system falls down. and considering its an extremely poor way of earning azerite in the first place, it will only be the die hards that run this. if they do keep raid tier 2 as boring traits to keep M+ gearing in the meta then....... we all lose from a failed and boring/uninteresting gearing system?? i dont see any wins here unless blizz overhaul the crappy NLC trait system that is the azerite gear.

islands will have a limited shelflife. as will warfronts. they are a decent way to get AP to cap and to do if your really really bored outside of that but the sheer volume of azerite you need to go up levels is already at pretty terrible levels. ive gotten azerite gear i got in week 1 and i still wont see it fully unlocked for probably another 2-3 weeks of hard grinding AP, and by then raids will be out and the same things happens again. we unlock tier one and then go WEEKS before we see further ranks unlocked. it will forever feel like a going backwards system.

" yay i got an upgrade! oh wait, its going to take me 4 weeks of hard grinding AP before i get enough azerite to actually use this. ill just keep my old piece on for a couple of weeks and bank this crap i cannot even use "

its an atrociously bad system. a system designed to always put you on the backfoot and be forced to hard grind.

uldir raid gear looks horrible with the homogenized sets. all of the sets bar maybe the cloth one looks terrible. and the cloth one is only.... okish. and the mythic sets look like they should be the LFR sets. for blizzs first ( technically second: read T9 ) outing of armor specific instead of class specific gear, its a failure. and this is when they should of been knocking it out of the park. when the art design team only has to put in 1/3 of the effort they used to, and this is all they could come up with??? yikes this is going to be a really rough xpack. and for those about to make the remark of " but this is only the first raid tier, its always bad ". the first time blizz did mythic only sets was on a first raid tier, highmaul/BRF. and the BRF sets were almost all universally incredible sets by comparison. AND to my previous point, they only have to put in 1/3 of the effort now. and this is what they have to show for it......

after people are done with there reps. and islands and warfronts have a very small shelf life.... theres only really raids and pvp left. there is a lot of missing meat to this xpack. its going to be VERY bare bones if there isnt a lot more fun content on the way. or even just fun busywork to keep us playing. without class halls and class centric storylines to make me play 1 of every class this xpack, im going to have A LOT less alts this xpack ill need to play, and considering how blizz reports there metrics to there shareholders now of " hours spent logged in ", there wont be much reason to log in without a massive chunk of fun activities to do this xpack. they are going to be in real hot water in the next 3-4 months, thats for sure.

as an aside: some of the content is pretty damn fun this xpack so far, but again, theres going to be a real short shelf life on it. im actually enjoying myself for the most part at the moment, but i can already tell its going to be for a short period of time because most of these systems dont have legs without proper iteration and additions added to them. and soon, it will need to be real soon.
08/23/2018 12:26 AMPosted by Iskandi
I cant even take this seriously anymore. Since when did a game played at leisure become an overwhelming obsession where you must grind 24/7?

Why are you rushing, the game isnt going anywhere. Why do people have to have everything now now now! Thats the problem with all these players , they dont play this game as an mmorpg, they play it like a console game. Real mmorpg's are life side hobbies you dont rush through them they are made for people to have this place to go and experience a fantasy life build a character and play as it, through its eyes.

Im sad to say it but i think the majority of players now are not the type these games were made for. And thats why they are so unhappy, its like trying to put a round peg in a square hole.

I wanted something that I didn't agree with being taken away behind such a massive gate. So I mentally built myself up for the 'big grind.' I failed.

I enjoy the investment, the time spent with the characters. The absence of abilities/capacities that became sincerely part of the characters' identities is damaging to my enjoyment of play.

08/23/2018 12:30 AMPosted by Aladarr
People get tired of grinds not because of how hard they are but because people try to do a whole grind all at once.

Reputations are meant to grow over thr course of weeks of play... not days.

Sure you can grind all the rep in days, but you’ll want to kill yourself.

But that’s your fault. You’re doing it to yourself.

"It's your fault the game put something you got used to as base-line behind a gate that requires completing most of the expansions content that you would use the thing for"

Your point is valid, but is also missing my point. For a grind to work, it very much depends on /what/ you're grinding for. A really cool, unique costume designed to have prestege attached to it? A super-grind like pathfinder would be more logical. A basic function like half of my mounts being able to do what they were designed for? (and most of why I collected several of them?)

08/23/2018 12:40 AMPosted by Daityas
Remove the flying parts from your wall of text and i agree, it has been adressed over and over again that flying will be gated behind pathfinder and thats the way forward, so just deal with it or unsub, i agree with the allied races part (even tho idc cause DH), hopefully they lower the requirements or they make some kind of big catchup mechanic.

I did. For three years.

And the same can be said of every change made to the game. "This is the way forward, it's not changing" ... until they change it anyway.

The only reason flying was removed is the current dev team dislikes it for completely subjective reasons. My reasons for liking it are also subjective. I am simply speaking as a paying customer who stopped being a paying customer for specific reasons.

08/23/2018 01:10 AMPosted by Fzd
How about you quit playing WoW and find something better to do with your time kiddo.

I did.

08/23/2018 01:19 AMPosted by Magicmarcy
You literally just play the story and get rep for pathfinder. That's not "the entire game" lol

Let's break down WoW's content, shall we? Leveling content, quests, gear, costumes, professions, battlepets, dungeons, and raids.

Pathfinder requires the substantial majority of all quests in the expansion completed, all exploration achievements completed, all reputations to Revered, a couple to exalted, three dungeons, and two raids.

I consider that within tolerance for the mild hyberbole of 'entire', yes.

08/23/2018 01:40 AMPosted by Vi
we are a week in and you can already see the cracks.

Using this as a short-reference to be clear who I am replying to, I did read the entire post.

All excellent points, I agree. BfA has good content that would be enjoyable. It just gets drowned out by grinds that don't offer enough reward for the time investment.

Because it is just time investment.

08/23/2018 01:09 AMPosted by Rosabella
OP, you make some cogent points.

But for the love of Pete, learn to use italics!

It's the big, slanting "I" button at the bottom of your post editor.

I am amused my quick-use italic stand-in caused so many problems, I must confess. I draft in a text document before posting, because browsers tend to fail out. I've lost one-too-many essays that way.

So I have to manually produce the code to make sure I have it in all the correct locations. The slashes are significantly easier, and in the other communities I interact in they're considered normal, so it simply never occurred to me it would be an issue.
I'm increasingly frustrated by the sheer amount of randomness required to advance a character or storyline. Either gear drop randomness, or randomness getting the right group for the right dungeon/raid.

When I have time to play, I think about the progress I could make in WoW in an hour, vs in another game, and I often have to admit, that I'll enjoy the feeling of progress I've made in the other game rather than WoW, so I do. I'll still play WoW when there is something less random (such as a world quest with a pre-defined reward or a guild raid where cooperation means good chance of an upgrade), but otherwise, there are few reasons to bet my time on a low chance of progress, vs other games.

I'd love if: 1) I could play my main, and manage AI characters for the rest of my group for dungeons and raids and 2) random progression was a bit less random (specifically for gear). Then, my scarce and extremely valuable hour can be spent on progression, rather than disappointment, frustration, and loathing.
With Blizzcon coming up, I think it would serve Blizzard well to read the responses in this thread. If they're sending out surveys and honestly trying to understand why players are upset/leaving, there are a LOT of answers here. Underlying ALL of it, at the base, is a seeming lack of respect for the Players' time. CMs, please, please pass this along to those who can do something about it.
I’m still having fun but aspects of this rng clown fiesta start to wear on you after a while. I’ve killed mythic mother 5 times now still no weapon drops. Taloc has dropped that dumpster fire trinket twice for me on mythic I believe.

Now my !@#$ alt Druid that i’ve Played for 5 minutes has the same ilvl weapon my main does after 12 days played at 120 because I did some pvp and opened a chest.

I still have fun in raids but there’s something really unsatisfying about the whole package.
08/17/2018 09:30 PMPosted by Garïmdor
If y'all spent 1/4 of the time doing the reqs as you do moaning about it on here you could have done it 8 times over already. Its not changing so either do it or uninstall. Nobody wants to hear it anymore.
Thanks for the advise. But I couldnt be bothered with doing blizzs mind numbing chores to unlock the fun bits, so I'm quitting.

Anyways, if you're tired of hearing it, why bother clicking on threads about it? It's quite easy for you to avoid them.
TL;DR: all the grind, Flying, then, just, portions, exalted, previous, players, know, antagonizing, by the mechanics of the game, paid for, by the mechanics of the game, substantially, early, correct

The rtard top devs at Blizz need to be hit over the head with this thread, repeatedly.

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