Someone has accidently sent you 5 million gold. Give it back or keep it?

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Lets suppose one day you get a large sum of money sent from someone on your server to the tune of 5 million. Although with a message sent briefly after that begging you to return the gold because that someone was planning to buy a mythic carry using that gold. Would you keep the gold or send at least some of it back?
I’d send it all back. It’s not mine, I didn’t earn it, so why should I keep it?
Send it back. You don't have to, but it's the right thing to do.
It's my mythic carry now.
Keep it unless Blizzard requested me to return it.
I would send it back
I’d send it back.

With a 10% service charge, of course.
What 5 million? I never received 5 million?
give it back. I dont really care about gold in this game to be honest.
Id send it back
Honestly, I’d probably be paranoid that it’s a scam of some sort and leave it there in the mail to be returned after it expired.
Last time I sent gold to the wrong person, they wouldn't return it and Blizzard wouldn't give it back to me. So no, I'd keep it.
08/10/2018 04:24 PMPosted by Annaillusion
Keep it unless Blizzard requested me to return it.

They wouldn't.
Once you take something out of your mailbox, it's yours. Friend had this problem before and the GM said they couldn't help him.
I'd send it back, congratulate them on all the hard work they have put into the game, but I'd subtract the 30 copper mail fee. I need something for my time :P
Give it back.

My integrity can't be bought with fake money.
Send it back.

I actually did that to my friend who sent me a nice item in the mail. I didn't recognize his alts name lol just sent it right back without thinking.
If they ask for it back I will, if not I'd take it as a kind gesture.
You know, usually I'd say you can have it back friend, just always triple check with that kind of gold.

But, you know, long boi and what not.
I would send it right back. I know it's not mine.

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