Someone has accidently sent you 5 million gold. Give it back or keep it?

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Of course I'd return it all. It'd be such a shame if they were to lose all 2 million of that gold. Yes, that's not typo.
Give back 4. 1m is tax to help the person be more careful in the future.
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At that point, Blizzard may step in and/or the victim could report you to the police since real money is involved.

Well THEY don't know what I did with it. Maybe I bought that stupid Brutosaur mount or bought all my guildies a TCG mount off the AH.

You'll know what you did.

Can you live with that? If so, go on, keep the gold and quit posting. We'll try to remember to put you on our s-list as someone not worth knowing.

Remember, what goes around, comes around. Karma is a B.
Sorry but if after all the are you sure's that are in place before said gold could be sent it would be my gold. Also I always hit open all in my mail mod and chances are would not even notice it. That being said I would be happy someone just got me a lot of game time and the next expansion pack
I'd probably spend it all before the message asking for the gold back even arrived.

Could buy a lot of WoW tokens with five-million.
I'd take a screenshot of my character with 5 million gold, just because I've never had anywhere near that much before and probably never will again. It'd be cool to have that screenshot.

Then I'd send it back because it's not actually mine.
That's 375 dollars in store credit.
Thank them with a chocolate cake. Might as well splurge.
Keep it all because the person was ignorant enough to send it to the wrong username. Is it that hard to double check?
I don't know. You'll have to run an experiment to find out.

(Actually, since I tend to "open all" my mail by default, there's a high risk I wouldn't even notice until it was too late, leaving me with no return address)
90% of people here are saying they would send it back. My guess is you would actually see that gold again as the sender ~20% of the time.

I, too, am going to say I would send it back because I did just that in Cataclysm to the tune of 750,000g. I could have used that gold at the time but I was unwilling to throw away my integrity over online currency. If you steal (yes, it is stealing and we all know it) you SHOULD have such a heavy burden of remorse that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it while some guy worked his tail off to watch you reap the rewards.

How would you feel if you were him? Guy might have had a death in the family or got fired from his job and his head isn’t in the game but he is trying to escape reality for a while. You could be a hero to someone, now you are just a thief at a time when that was the last thing he needed.
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Last time I sent gold to the wrong person, they wouldn't return it and Blizzard wouldn't give it back to me. So no, I'd keep it.

"Someone did something bad to me once, so I'm going to do something bad to someone else."

You know what that makes you?

Someone who can learn and adapt?
08/10/2018 05:17 PMPosted by Vixie
If you don't return it, you could be "blacklisted" on your realm -

this isn't vanilla, and the reason the community is toxic. half the toons you see during the course of play are not from your realm.
Send it back, probably with a note cause i'm an honest person.
Side note- IT's nice to see there's so many honest people here.
My response to their message would be.
"5 million gold? I haven't heard that name in years."
take it, send it to an alt and retire that character to an island. Nobody should know your past in your new char.

Also this is a warrior neutral neutral so, you lost it my friend
I see it as their loss my gain.

Though the chances to it ever happening is not very likely.
Send it all back. This is not a difficult choice
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Keep it unless Blizzard requested me to return it.

Blizz wouldn't do that. It was player error and you have no part of it.

If it was just a few dozen k, id send it back. If it was stupid like 5 mill, they deserve to lose that gold because they obviously didnt care enough to double check the name.

If they had 5 mil, they can make it again.

I don’t believe that for one second Axe. You would send it back. All the work you do in the hunter community (updating beta info for strangers) for no gain.

I don’t think we agree on almost anything but I think you are a better person than that.

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