List of Transmogs by Dungeon?

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I was wondering if there is a liat anywhere online that shows all dungeons and all possible transmog items you can get from them.

I am trying to farm transmogs from lower dungeons but I can barely find any. Dungeon guides/lists just show possible gear drops but not if they are transmog or not. The in game transmog list does not sort items by dungeon either.
I think there might be a terminology problem here.

What is an example of a "transmog item" that you are looking for that is not a gear drop?
What is an example of a gear drop that you would have a question whether it is transmog or not?
wowhead lists all the gear that drops from each instance.
They also have a transmog page for each set of gear with information about how to obtain each piece in the set. has similar info for each set.
open the adventure guide

select the dungeon/raid you want to look at

go to the loot tab

set the filters for your class

08/12/2018 01:09 PMPosted by Elydare
ust show possible gear drops but not if they are transmog or not

if the item shows in the list, it can be used for transmog.
(excluding rings/necks/trinkets)
you can't add appearances to your wardrobe if you can't equip it, or it isn't your main armor class
You can use an addon like "Can I Mog It?" to make it easier to see what you still need in the dungeon journal (and other sources.) It puts little symbols on an items icon to make it easy to see its "status." (Learned, Can be Learned, Learned from a different item, ect.)

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