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Ever since classic, I've tried to make one Elune stone and one Snowball a day. I haven't always of course.. but.. often..

I'll post a pic eventually.
Yep i still have a haunted momento which i get out from time to time. My hunter though still has Rhokdelar and all her vanilla sets (onyxia helm) etc to bring back fond memories.
Gnomish army knife
08/13/2018 02:04 PMPosted by Aislynn
... game element that everybody still regularly uses in their respective daily play? (excluding hearthstones and the like, of course)

I still keep items in the backpack in the same order I pretty much have for 10+ years. Hearthstones, fishing pole, stack of bait, AV trinket, the party invitation from Eversong, few other knickknacks.
08/13/2018 02:33 PMPosted by Chilblains
My ground mount is the same one I got at level 60.

This would be the case for me as well, except for the coming of the Llothien Prowler (a recent add in 7.0.3). Until then, I continued to ride my Swift Brown Steed from back in the vanilla days of yore.

Thanks for all the replies so far ... at T-minus-fifteen-minutes!
I'm sure I have older toys and things that I use occasionally, but I can say that for sure without a doubt 100% my Titanium Seal of Dalaran ends up on the action bars somewhere on every toon I make.
My punctured voodoo doll from ZG I never finished.. on the Ah right now for the low price of 100k.
To be fair.... my Hearthstone is used regularly...

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