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Quest: Thros, the Blighted Lands
If the Legends are true than inside we will witness suffering and torment...

The "than" should be "then".
When reading the buff for "Contract: Champions of Azeroth" it reads as
Gain 10 reptuation with the Champions of Azeroth when completing world quests in Kul Tiras and Zandalar

It should say reputation instead
Baine Bloodhoof - stood by the exploration Map in the Great Seal - has one line of dialogue still saying "The war with the Legion has come, I hope you are ready"

We love ya Baine, but get with the times! *sneaks him a sugar cube*
Running up to Kings' Rest (near the FP of Atal'dazar)

Quote: Kao-Tien Battlemaster says: Your pitiful kind shall be brought to heal.

Should it not be heel?
The Cold Heart talent for Frost Death Knights still says fost damage. Yep I wanna hit you with some fost damage.
Quest: Pests
I swear, anything that's not tied down, and even some things that are, they nip off with'.

I'm... I'm not sure why there's an apostrophe after "with" and before the period...
Quest: Stick It To 'Em!

Typo 1: In the completion dialogue, "The plans for the Grand Rite are ruined and their rutial sites are in shambles." Ritual is misspelled as rutial.

Typo 2: Right after the previous sentence: Master Ashton will be safe here in Arom's stand. 'stand' should be capitalized, as it is a proper noun.
One of the three pirates for the set of bosses that you encounter in Freehold (The pirate council or whatever) says "en guard"

The phrase is not in English so it should be "en garde"
Item: Scroll of Subsistence
Use: Restores 166,256 health and 83,128 mana over 20 sec. Must remain seated while eating.

Does one "eat" a scroll? This seems to give a new meaning to "consuming" a book... Unless this is on purpose, since it's called "Scroll of Subsistence"? Not sure.
In Vol'dun you do a quest called "Offering for the Loa". You go into the temple and speak to Kimbul. When you speak to him, it gives one speech option for you to select and that option reads "Great loa, this is offering is from the Tortaka tribe". I believe it was probably meant to read "Great loa, this offering is from the Tortaka tribe".
Item name: Incessantly Ticking Clock

Equip: Your spells and abilites have a chance to grant you 497 haste or mastery by for 6 sec.
Mail from: Happy Holaua
Subject: Bundle of Energy

Hi <playername>, Beastmaster L'kala sent me a new friend! Apparently he had too much energy for them to train at the Kral. It feels wrong to keep him cooped up here all day. Swing by the Hall of Beasts and check him out!

--Should read as Beastlord L'kala, as there's no npc named Beastmaster L'kala (checked wowhead when trying to figure out related quest for what pet was sent)
Quest: A Saur Point

The completion text reads "it's breath". Should be "its breath".
I've noticed a lot of typos and mistakes. I wont report any of them though, because I pay to play the game, not proofread it.
Quest: WANTED: Wyvern Poachers

Description, second paragraph:
A few nights ago some foolish human soundrels snuck off with one of our strongest wyverns.

It should be "scoundrels".
More of an inconsistency but should probably be changed:
In most places in the game, "hexxer" is spelled as such, with two Xs
For the adds on Zul, Reborn, and I believe in Temple of Sethraliss (might be Atal'Dazar), there are mobs that spell it "hexer" instead. Wowhead has a few more listed too
Looking it up, I think both are fine, but it's weird to see a mix of the two.

Another one, on the tooltip for Incessantly Ticking Clock, the end reads "...Mastery by for 6 sec." (should just say Mastery for 6 sec). (I see it's been reported above)
Everywhere in the entire game (and outside of the game) refers to the crane celestial as "Chi-Ji"

Except for one place: the monk tier set from Antorus, "Chi'Ji's [sic] Battlegear"
Every item in this set also uses "Chi'Ji" instead of "Chi-Ji" for some reason.
This has been like this since the set first hit PTR last October or so and I've been trying to get it fixed since sometime before raid release
@Ythisens pls fix
Item - Incessantly Ticking Clock
Bug - Tooltip grammar "...grant you 510 Haste or Mastery by for..." (by for)
Quest: A Mote of Cosmic Truth

Description, last sentence of second paragraph:
We ar eall lost, to that terrible Thing...

There's a misplaced space.
Quest: An End to the Killing - Halford Wyrmbane says: (Champion), give the word when you're ready for us to begin preparations to blow this ship up. Afterwards, I want you to report our success to King Wyrnn."

Should be King Wrynn.

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