Left Freehold with a hat

Bug Report
I left Freehold with the Missing Treasure quest still to do; I went back and my hat "disguise" was gone. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but does seem weird that it would poof just because I handed in the quest.
Same here. That was the quest I needed to do next. Now it's like questing in Orgrimmar as an alliance
I have the exact same problem, I get killed so quickly I can’t complete any quests. Its kinda game breaking
Can confirm. Only the flight point is safe.
I am having the same exact issue. There is supposed to be a hat icon I can select, but none are showing up on the screen.
Confirmed. I left without finishing that exact quest, and now there is no way I can see to get the buff back.
Having the same issue myself. Cannot reach enough parrots for the WQ from the FP roof. Not sure why I worked so hard to make Freeport "free" and now I cannot go in it.
Same here. Came looking for something I missed. Silly me going to bed without finishing quests....
So, I was able to drop the Harlan's quest, and the pirate hat came back. Might be worth a shot, if you have't completed it. I had started it, and got my butt handed to me. I think that's why the hat had disappeared.
Same thing happened to me, except I hadn’t even gotten to the Harlan’s quest yet. Just abandoned the quest I had currently for that quest line and hat came back!

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