LF new active guild with potential to raid

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Prot Pally LF new guild. I am leveling as just prot. I have been playing pally since BC and have played all specs. I enjoy ret and prot more. I am willing to attempt healing again but prefer to tank. I am looking for a more active guild. I have enjoyed my time in my current guild but enjoy more of an active guild and would like to see if I can stay horde and raid instead of having to go back to alliance. Most play time is eastern time based. Please send me a whisper.
If you're willing to faction change, Momentai is looking to rebuild our roster for heroic raiding. we will probably spend about a week on normal, then move directly into heroic progression, come sept 4.
I actually have an alliance Prot Pally as well I am going to be leveling next after I am 120 on my horde toon. Same name but on Stormrage server

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