Lightninghoof Horde (Maelstrom/V. Co)

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
Is this connected realm worth being active on? I seem to struggle with the thought that end-game BfA raiding might be difficult to do without active guilds or someone to chat with. Which guilds are still active on here? How is the RP like now that they changed everything from RPPVP to just RP? I'd love to do some RP again. I'd really love to join this server and get back into the new Xpac with the faction I used to play as back in Wrath.

Currently, all three of the connected realms are sitting at 'Low' Pop less than 4 days after the launch of the Xpac - trying to make sure I don't jump on the server and hear an echo in there haha. :P

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