How do you get pets from Expeditions???

Pet Battles
Well, Neall's a noob! And, I've not gotten anything but dubloons yet.
Unfortunately I have run a bunch and have not even seen one pet yet. This system really needs addressed. This is boring to do a million times and likely not even see all of the pets.

I think the currency idea is a good one.
Blizz definitely hates me. So many expeditions, I lost count of how many, and nothing. Just doubloons and azerite. I did get a couple of quest items, and guess what! More Azerite as a reward....sigh. I already hate seeing it. Getting really bored with island expeditions already. Need to drop us a hint of hope every now and then Blizz.
I haven't gotten anything from Island Expeditions, and probably never will.
Island Expeditions have never awarded me anything worth while.

Even the AP is fleeting. Because at the end of the expansion the developers will just steal it from us. Just like in Legion.

I did them for the Reputation. Now I only do them with friends if they ask me to. But I have never gotten anything from them but a couple dubloons. Not even after the supposed increase to the drop rate. More like more lies from Blizzard developers.
Island Expeditions is one of those additions that you know had some senior guy really pushing for it and everyone else in the room thinking to themselves "what an idiotic idea" but unable to voice their objections.
09/23/2018 07:30 AMPosted by Kassmara
Island Expeditions have never awarded me anything worth while.

Same for me Kass. I've not had anything significant in the bags. Work has my game schedule severely limited so I guess I'm probably screwed .....
I've had 6 pets drop so far, at least that many 310 transmogs and lots of rep quest items, but I must have spent 100+ hours doing them. They are pretty good for leveling. My son got the fish mace and I'm so jealous, must get that one.
I got lucky tonight on my Horde Hunter on my 3rd run I managed to get 2 pets! I was shocked I got both Barnaby and Captain Nibs from the same IE. Then on my last run I got Mischievous Zephyr.

I never get them, on any of my toons, I have gotten maybe 2 the whole time I have run the IE's and the others I have I either bought on the AH or they were given to me by guildies.

So now watch, I will never get another one to drop lol.
I have over 300 runs and I have about 13 of the pets and a fair amount of the gear. My advice is to skip all the mining nodes and chests and focus on killing rares.
I have been leveling my horde DH on expeditions alone. Once I hit 116 and my legendaries no longer work, guess i will go quest for gear...

There is definitely something to the rare hunt, i have been focusing rares and have started to get more rewards besides just azerite. Got two capt nibs already, been getting lots of pirate rares. I keep getting excited when i see the mantid mobs but no kuchong oet yet :(

I have bought maybe 10 off the AH, when someone puts up a “cheap” one.
I have a raid geared 110 shadow priest that i turned the XP off on and it's hilariously easy to just shred islands

Even dragging !@# for events i'm getting 7-10 minute clears
it's horrible i have done same ware around 40-50 of them and got 0 pet's. i got about 143 deblums that far as i can see are worthless. i just want the pet's. i can live with a little rng but at this rate it will take 200 years doing 10 a week to get them all. this is just not right.
o wait i did them on 2 other toons as well so more like close to 80 to 100 and 0 pets.

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