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Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
I'm a long time WoW player who took a years long break after "Wrath Of The Lich King" and returned towards the end of Legion where I got back into things pretty heavily. I was hoping my guild (Muse) would see some players return for the expansion but this seems to not be the case, so I'm looking for a new (fairly active) guild on Alliance side (though I do play both sides).

I used to raid fairly hard core, but don't have the patience for it anymore. I am looking for a guild that wants to do some LFR/Normal Mode raiding eventually,
and do mythic content as far as finishing the story line at least (why Blizzard decided to finish/progress the storyline now requires a mythic dungeon is beyond me).

Right now I have 4 level 110 characters Alliance side, and I can work on filling any role needed. I have a tank specced monk, two different healers (Priest and Resto Shaman), and of course my fire mage (Blizzard doesn't seem to like fire mages at the moment though).
If you hop on horde i will gladly take you in.

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