OG Black Harvest where you at!

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Back when I was a goblin and in love with KJC.
here trapped inside this hunter :(
As someone who just came to the warlock class and just unlocked green fire. I was very thankful for the opportunity to experience the last bastion of genuine class fantasy strengthening quests. It was a cool story and the green fire looks great.
*digs up old lock*
Checking in. This is the only OG thing my lock has, since my true original lock with the Dreadsteed mount quest achievement is lost on an account I don't have anymore.
Here, but who knows for how much longer considering BFA
Yo. I miss MoP destro so much. RIP
I have it as well on my Goblin Warlock, which I just started playing again for fun and what not.
10/19/2018 12:40 PMPosted by Haunker
10/19/2018 11:42 AMPosted by Lockinator
The title is reserved for the OGs

I mean literally anyone who decided to make a warlock and run SoO lfr once for some free loot could do it with minimal effort. Getting it wasn't exactly hard. All it means is that you happened to be playing in MoP, to be honest.

Closest thing you could get to an OG thread is Dreadsteed of Xoroth achieve thread.
Only title worth using :)
Yeah I got it, in 5.2 no less. Took me many attempts due to having low dps at the time but I totally cheesed it with a curse cleansing potion, doubling my time. I recall he went through the demon summon rotation of imps, felstalkers and doomguard twice, then just went imps every time. If you could juggle the two doomguards or even kill one of them while managing his other abilities it was easy mode at that point

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