[A] <Beyond> 7/8H Tues & Weds 9-12pm PST

Raid Nights: Tues & Weds
Raid Times: 9pm to 12pm Pacific Standard Time (never over)
Progression: 7/8H 8/8N
Guild Name: <Beyond> (formerly <Bloodbath and Beyond>-Ursin)

Who are you?
We're all retired hardcore raiders. We started together in TBC, and held almost all server first kills from WotLK through Draenor. Now we're all adults and have too much RL. We still like killing things together though. We play to win, but we never stay late.

Are you pushing Mythic raid progression?
Not in BFA. Getting a stable mythic 20-man roster has proven too much of a hassle, so we're just going to call raid early each week when we clear heroic tier (whether that's 2 hours or 6 hours). If you are looking for Mythic raiding in BFA, we're the wrong place for you (sorry!).

What are you recruiting?
We could use another healer and some more ranged DPS lately, but anyone is welcome to apply.

Do you do Mythic 15+ dungeons?
Yep! We have a lot of very active high mythic dungeon crawlers, and a surplus of tanks making it easy to form groups.

How old are you guys?
We're all between 22 and 62, most are 30-35.

What is your atmosphere like?
Caution: You will be offended, we all are sometimes.
There is a lot of weirdness (read: tentacles). You will see things you cannot unsee.

With that said, we don't tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. You will need a sense of humor and a thick skin, but we never tolerate drama or hate.

Yep, Twitch Client (formerly Curse Voice). Possibly Discord in BFA.

How do I contact you?
Type /who Beyond in game and message any of us to start a conversation.
Bumping this. Could use another healer and more ranged DPS particularly.
Bump. Could use Healers + Ranged DPS.
Bump. Could use Healers + Ranged DPS.
Hello, I am a 365 Holy paladin currently looking to server transfer. I am only looking for heroic progression and have current AOTC. Please PM me if interested. I may have some questions about raid times and weather or not my casual wife would be allowed. praxxis11#1324

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