[H] <Conclude> New Zealand Guild

Conclude is an early evening raiding guild to fit New Zealand times, and early Australian raiders.
We have been around since early Nighthold, and continued all throughout Legion, ending with 5/11 Mythic Antorus.

Currently, we have 2 teams going, with 5/8 heroic cleared. We plan on pushing deep into mythic progression during BfA, with a lot of mythic+ happening between raids!

Currently recruiting:
Healers: Druid
Ranged DPS: Hunter - Mage
Melee DPS: Demon Hunter - Death Knight - WW Monk

All socials welcome to join!

Our times include:

Wednesday: 8pm NZ - 10:30pm NZ (6pm Server time-8:30pm ST)
Thursday: 8pm NZ - 10:30pm NZ (6pm Server time-8:30pm ST)
Monday (Optional): 8pm NZ - 10:30pm NZ (6pm Server time-8:30pm ST)

Add our B.tags below for an invite!
Lead on BigMickeyCee#2526
Galtak on Galtak#1500
Bump :D
Any room for a Arms Warrior from Christchurch?
Any room for Hpally just social - NZ based ?
Gear - Message me, Galtak or Leadclaw in game for a chat, both teams have a core Arms warrior but we're happy to review anyone who's a good fit, geared and experienced for our current Progression points.

Playaa - Absolutely, we've got a great pool of social/casual players and are a very active NZ times

What are the raid times now with daylight saving ?
Still 8pm NZ time

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