<Savage Gaming> chill day raiders LF dps

Guild Recruitment
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Stormrage-US
Raid times: Wednesday, 3pm to 6pm Eastern

<Savage> is a laid back, cross-realm raid team planning on solid heroic progression followed by casual mythic progression.

We are a core team of experienced raiders reforming for BfA, currently recruiting dps - ranged preferred, all classes considered.

Love raiding but too busy to go full-on hardcore? We got you! Have fun, kill stuff, enjoy that loot.

In-game guild is based on Stormrage, transfer not required unless you want access to guild bank repairs and free goodies.

Reply here or contact Hellmar#21436 in-game with queries or applications

<Savage> Made to take a beating
Hello sir
your times would be perfect for me and was wondering if you had any spots available for your raid team i can play a few different toons at the moment kinda based on what the guild may need. Please feel free to speak to me in game i have sent you a friend request to your Btag. Disc Priest, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, DK, DH your choice really I like them all prefer to be ranged but will roll a melee if the guild needs it. I can tank, heal or DPS. I have played wow since Vanilla but only started raiding seriously in BC, Wrath, Cata, and Mist. Last two expansions i was growing my family and had to do some real life stuff but i am now ready to make a commitment and would like to start raiding again. Thank you for your time hope to speak to you soon.
Hi, I'm interested as well. I've never really raided much, but i can do what I'm told. The times you have scheduled work best for me, so I'll try to catch you on. I've have played for quite a while, but when I did it was mainly BM Hunter. I'm thinking about a Mage or Druid as well. I'm more than happy to be casual and then fill in a raid spot if I can get comfortable doing it. I'll send a friend request and try to catch you online.

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