Always respawning at the entrance in dungeons

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I am deeply surprised that blizzard made the same mistake as they did in legion with dungeon run back.

Why are we respawning at the entrance after killing multiple bosses ? In mythic+, it will kill keys so fast if we wipe once deep in a dungeon.

Some dungeons work fine, but I have seen at least 3 where we always respawn at the very beginning even when we are at the last boss of the dungeon which equals to a very long walk.
Since we also cannot use failure detection pylon, having only 1 player who can rez in the group die means waiting for him to release and walk a long time too..

The dungeons I have seen so far are the following:
Shrine of the Storm
King's Rest
The Underrot

I have not tested all of them, but I am sure more of them have this similar issue.
Dungeons like Waycrest Manor and Atal'Dazar do not cause much trouble when we respawn at the beginning since every boss is pretty close to the entrance, but these are the only 2 I consider alright to respawn at the entrance.

It is the same as Arcway where we used to respawn at the entrance and they fixed it so that we would respawn on the latest killed boss which makes way more sense.

Please Blizzard, could you fix it so that we respawn on the latest killed boss in every dungeons so that we don't lose 2-3 mins every wipe walking back or when the only person that can resurrect the others die.
Agreed, this is extremely frustrating. I was really excited when they said they designed all the new dungeons with Mythic+ in sure doesn't feel like it.

I am sorely disappointed in the dungeons so far.
That's probably the only thing I don't like about dungeons so far. Some do have later rez points (SoS and TD are two examples) and some have some faster travel (KR) but for the most part the runback is awful especially in dungeons where you can't mount.

I think having a rez point after defeating second boss would be a decent rule unless the dungeon has a more unique thing.

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