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Not a damn thing

they answered basicly the Same question the entire time
Deal with it.
08/23/2018 04:01 PMPosted by Bladewyn
Can this poor level 118 Dwarf get a link?


Is googles search bar too high on the page dwarf?
Reputation is fine
Avoiding Real Issues
dance around issues
eff you all
Ion is dishonest.
"Playing my Shaman..."
Grind more guys

Ignorance is bless.
Broken Auction House.
investors matter more
"We don't care."
I need to use more than four.

Ion thinks he can never do wrong.
08/23/2018 03:34 PMPosted by Huggablysoft
Sorry, still quitting.

No, you won't.
What beta feedback?
Holy ego Batman!
Dog & pony show
Ion doesn't care.

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