What classes are you seeing a ton of?

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Now that it's been over a week that bfa has been released. I've been seeing an abundance of leather wearers, specially rogues. Druids next probably because of the new allied races coming. Then there are the DH, they are everywhere still. Thought it would tone down a little from legion guess not.
Death Knights
I'm constantly seeing a paladin
Rogue disc ret warrior dk, sometimes mage
Most: rogue/hunter/priest
Least: dh/shaman/monk
I see paladins and mages everywhere.
After a quick thought, it seems like a lot of Paladins running around.
Our guild has like 9 warriors looking to raid now....
Tank - DH
Healer - Pally
Melee - Rogue and Warrior
Ranged - Hunter and Mage
Demon hunters.
Warlocks, easily
Paladins, DK’s, Mages, DH’s
I see a lot of Druids, Warlocks, Rogues and Paladins, but that could be because I'm on a massive RP server and those are just really strong flavored classes for RPers.
I don't think I've had a group yet in this expansion that didn't have a Warlock.
Looks like pallys win :D
War,Pal,Druid,Rogue,DK,DH,Warlock,Mages, Priests, Monks, Hunters,Shammy, etc etc
Most: Mages
Least: Shaman's by far
Warlocks and Warriors
-1 for the shammies, poor sham-shams.
Priests. Disc priests everywhere.

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