What classes are you seeing a ton of?

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08/24/2018 09:03 AMPosted by Khastiel
Priests. Disc priests everywhere.

Randomly doing WQ wandered into a group of 3 enemy Disc Priests.
I have never seen such nonsense before.
Pretty sure hunter is always the most common class.
Rogues for me. I even find it funny with my mythic dungeon experiences. I've done 3 this far. 2/3 of them had 2 rogues in the group. lol
Warrior, paladin, and druid by an enormous margin (Warmode is off, results may vary).
I see a lot of dks but expecting them to go down. Once things fix up.
DH, Pally, Monk.
Warmode - lots of rets, discs, rogues, mages, monks, DH, wars, hunters, and druids.
08/24/2018 08:44 AMPosted by Strongbad
I'm constantly seeing a paladin
The only time I look at a class is for an elite, to see if the other guy may be a tank spec so know if he'll tank it or if I need to pop my earth elemental. Otherwise, I don't care what anyone else plays.
08/24/2018 08:46 AMPosted by Littlefella
After a quick thought, it seems like a lot of Paladins running around.

Because pally tanks are the best right now, that will prob change. I seen some good Veng tanks too
You're seeing a lot of ret paladins because the mastery change fixed the class that much Judgement Window Crusade Paladin was dumb and boring as,I don't know what to play.
Inquisitiodin is much better.
of course nobody mentions the hunters.
LiES! You shouldnt see any rogues at all. You shouldnt see us at all. Rogues do not exist and they are just part of your imagination!

If you see one, they most likely are fakers and payed for boost!
wow since I first started this post I went on my pally to level and now I'm noticing tons of pallies as well lol.

I swear when a paladin or a rogue are top deeps the people will flock.
I saw a DK walking to Boralus afew days ago....rumor has it he is still walking to this day.
08/24/2018 09:54 AMPosted by Stylo
Warrior, paladin, and druid by an enormous margin (Warmode is off, results may vary).

And yet we still have a major Tank/Healer shortage...
There is always another mage in my group. Though I am low level. Seems we are inc!
Paladins, hunters and i want to say shamans... but i think it more of now that i main shaman i start spotting the others shamans in the crowd :/

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