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Hydraxis and Terenas
Hello Hydraxis-Terenas. Long time player here (Hydraxis since start of 2007) looking for a late night raiding guild. Prefer to stay on Hydraxis-Terenas and as alliance. Unfortunately my guild is not going to be raiding BFA due to not enough returning players.

So a long time buddy and I are looking for a new guild to join, call home, and raid with. Or possibly create a new one... Why create a new one? Well, as the title suggests, we are more active at night due to other obligations - you know, the usual family stuff, work, etc. So the typical raid times of 7pm or 8pm server are too early, unfortunately.

I main a holy/disc priest now (shaman in legion) and my buddy is (edit: pally tank/dps, maybe heals). I'm pretty open to other classes and specs - have healed with them all in all settings.

LF a guild:
Our ideal raid times would be after 9:30pm CST to 12:30am CST, or around there - weekdays and/or weekends.

We also enjoy grouping up for warmode (horde hunting), warmode questing, island expeditions, M+, heroics, PVP, etc.

Creating a guild:
If we have a hard time finding the right guild, we may end up going with the creation idea. I'm curious as to how much interest we could garner. Again, it would be designed around the idea that most activity would occur at night (Mon-Sun) between the hours of 7pm CST and 3am CST. Therefore catered to the late-nighters. Activities would include progression raiding, warmode groups, island expeditions, and all the other new stuff that BFA is bringing (plus old content if desired), leveling, etc. When talking about raid size, ideally would like to do 20-man runs. Maybe multiple teams or main team plus alt runs later on. Definately want to establish that core group of solid indiviuals - a good baseline.

I've been a GM in the past and do not mind managing a guild again. However, we would need leaders and organizers. I don't mind training a raid leader, or other type of leader, but I don't have time to lead a raid on a 2 to 4 night per week schedule and manage a guild. Besides, trying to do it all on your own is not good practive anyways. I would rather break down the leadership/management into smaller segments so not one person is overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities.

Type of guild: Family friendly. What does that mean? It means its a safe environment for all ages while still being able to poke fun at each other, have a few drinks (if that's your thing), and mess up from time to time. Toxicity and bullying will not be tolerated.

Could this work? I think so. Can I get enough people? Maybe.

The requirement to join the guild is that you are looking for like minded people that are online when you are.

The requirement for raiding isn't you must be hardcore. But you must know your class, role, the fights, and be able to listen, as well as be willing to offer constructive options/criticisms.

This post is much longer than originally intended... But if any of my Hydraxis-Terenas peeps have anything to share, please fell free.
I would definitely be interested in this. I'm currently looking for people to play with, that are into raiding/PVE content, but aren't too serious about it. It's also hard to find a decent guild on this server, for some reason. If you do end up making a guild, send me an invite! My battletag is Spunkor#1669
Hey Spunkor. Sounds great, I will add your battletag tonight. Mine is Eithran#1845.

As of right now, the idea is still in the works.

What I see at night running around Stormsong in warmode is a lot single alliance players or MAYBE a group of 2. Then I see 4 to 10 horde just wreaking havoc on everyone and everything. I was trying to get some quests done (the last group of them in stormsong) but was unable too due to the horde and couldn't find nor get much interest in grouping up via chat or through the finder. Basically, that 10% xp buff wasn't doing any good. I'd be curious to see how many are in the game world NOT in warmode as the zone feels pretty empty with warmode on. Maybe I'll check it out tonight.

Point being is that my ideal guild is going to be one that is close knit and WANTS to hang out and quest together and/or just be helpful. I would love to be 120, help a guildie that is trying to quest in warmode, and just destroy horde. I'm at 114 right now and as a Disc Priest can hold my own, by myself, against 4+ horde for a lot longer than I should be able too. I mean I do die, horribly, but not before I cause that group of horde some pain and frustration.

If you have any quildies or other friends that are in the same Kul Tiran boat as we are, let me know.
Typically, I try to avoid PvP as much as possible, because I find it disrespectful. I prefer playing knowing that I'm completely safe from nitwits who think trolling is fun.

That being said, I'm down for some teamwork, with questing and pve queues I mean.

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