10k Gold Bounty

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Target - Fhare, Alliance DK
Reason - His existence
Details - I am offering a 10k gold bounty for every kill you get on Fhare. Just take a screenshot of your combat log and mail me the link. You don't even have to actively seek him out, just if you happen to get the kill in world pvp. I, in turn, will send you 10k gold. If you need gold alliance side, send the screenshots to Condensatìon-Thunderhorn (special character is alt-141). I will pay this out until I get bored of seeing him face planted into the dirt (so possibly never).

Thank you and happy hunting.

Miraclewhip - Blade's Edge
I welcome any horde to try and kill me but let it be said it won’t be easy
Lol go Fhare, now this is an epic gamer moment

@Fhare: What on earth did you do to get this kind of reaction from Miraclewhip?

I for one would love to see this thread updated with screens of both failed attempts on Fhare as well as the successful ones. I'm really curious how many players would attempt to collect this bounty.
I already got one. He was apparently AFK. I am not discriminating. The only good Fhare is a dead Fhare.
Still curious what they did to have you put a bounty out for them.
08/28/2018 07:09 AMPosted by Syward
Still curious what they did to have you put a bounty out for them.

08/26/2018 06:23 AMPosted by Miraclewhip
Reason - His existence

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