How Many Of You Played Since Vanilla On The Same Character?

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been Watermelon since a month after release. Benediction has never left my bags and there's a spare eye of divinity in my bank.

'tho to be honest there's a few alts and I've had a few "life events" that've seen me away from the game for a spell or two.
I'm an altoholic, but I bought vanilla WoW on release day and I have the CE pets to prove it.
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This is who I took to MC and have played every tier with him since - He has sweet sweet Benediction too.

If I get bored of him, I get bored of wow.

Yeah you have 24k achievements. That's crazy.
I have had this same monk since 2003.......
Not this DK, clearly.

But my warlock was made 1st week of Vanilla
I level my first toon every expac but haven't mained him since Burning Crusade.
Nah, Hunter and Druid are now among my least played classes.
Not this Warlock, but my warrior I have had since late 2005
In 2004 (2 months) I played this combat/outlaw rogue, and a hunter (now mm). In early 2005 I also started a Mage, a Warrior, and a Tauren druid. I've been an altoholic since the previous MMO (DAOC, 2001-2004).

Every expansion, the rogue, hunter and druid are my first 3 to level to the new max. Soon after, so do the mage and warrior.

Over the years I have discarded around 20 "higher than level 40 characters", plus many more that were lower. I have "started over" on 3 different realms, but eventually came back to Azuremyst where I started.

Now I have 34 level 110s. But they include the 5 I had in early 2005.
My main up until WoD was my Balance Druid. For WoD I played mage, and for Legion I played this guy.

In my head-cannon both my Druid and this DH are the same character.
This has been my main since launch day. I started out as a disc priest, swapped to holy for Legion and never looked back.
This is the first character I made at launch. Always been my main character. Missing a few more bits and pieces these days.
Pen has been my main since late Vanilla. She has always been a fem troll and a priest. No breaks since starting in July 2006.

My original original was a fem troll warrior. I was going to be a tank and it turned out I wasn't a good tank. The guild was very gentle but yeah...
My old main was a lock from vanilla, Level 103 now.

I will get back to her eventually.
My nelf huntard was my first character on wow way back since the tail end of vanilla, been through every xpack with him since and he'll be one of two of my alliance mains for bfa.
this is my first character since late in vanilla.

vanilla and bc played resto
wotlk switched to bear
cata, mop and wod played feral with resto os
legion levelled to 110 and didnt like the state of feral druids so switched to monk and its been my main since. i will level this toon to 120 at some point but hear druids are really bad right now so who knows when.
I started on a Warlock, tried a Priest but finally settled on a Rogue in about 2005/06. Still working it.
08/26/2018 03:07 PMPosted by Goldshield
Most people take breaks, or skip xpacs. I know there are some ultra die hards that started in 2004, and never stopped, on the same character.

Who are you?

Personally I started in TBC, played Wrath, stopped and started again in Draenor. (and changed toons halfway through) I hardly qualify.


We took breaks. Very long one during warhammer online. I made all of my first team which consists of warrior, priest, druid, mage, and hunter not long after launch. I started with two accounts and gradually increased it to five over the years. I box so transferred my characters to new accounts.

Yeah, made all of these not long after launch. We initially made undead horde launch day but I grew tired of playing a corpse. I needed to be pretty. =p
Not vanilla, but I’ve been Pizzabob since 2007.

(Long hiatuses in between 2007 and 2018 though.)

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