Whats your favorite Add-On for WoW?

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What's your favorite addon and why do you use it?
Just interested to see if I can find some new adds that will benefit me or are just fun to use. Thanks!
I like elvui but it is a complete ui thing. So maybe not what you are looking for.

If I had to pick just one specific addon that does one thing, I would probably pick Arkinventory. Sorted bags, so nice!!!
MogIt. Why? To be on point.

It's a very small change and it makes quests 500x more enjoyable.
Altoholic and titan panel
I've stuck with Grid, Recount, and Spartan UI since Wotlk.
I don't really have a favorite per se, but If I had to pick one that I absolutely couldn't live without? Probably Clique. I could deal with the default raid frames (even though I prefer Grid), but I'm poop-for-brains when it comes to macros. Clique just makes my life so much easier as a healer, though I use it for dps too.
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, Bartender. Couple of addons I've played with forever.
Bartender with MoveAnyThing coming in a close 2nd.
WQGF - Best tool for Legion Grouping, till blizztard broke it, cause reasons
Bartender4 for the old UI. TitanPanel since I can't see my XP with said add-on. Auctioneer, even though it isn't the best, but I've been using it for 10 years so I have to. It's the same reason I still use Recount even though everyone says it's inferior to new meters. And of course DBM. WhoLusted too because I'm not doing an LFR again where a shaman or mage keeps lusting for the luls way before everyone is even ready for the boss pull.
For pet battles - Derangement Pet Battle Cooldowns
It would be a tossup between TellMeWhen and Altoholic.

I really like being able to customize my own heads up display with TellMeWhen for every toon. While I try to standardize some things across toons, starting with a general template and customizing what it shows, when it shows it, with timers, notiications, etc., in just one small part of the screen, instead of having to look at the top left, top right, bottom, and straight ahead, is really nice.

Yet as a committed Altoholic, that addon is a godsend in keeping track of things efficiently across my alt army without having to constantly log in to them over and over to find things, track things, etc. I can open up the panel on one toon and see who has what mats I need to do something, who has mail that might be expiring soon, who has the cash I need to buy something, which toons need certain mats or consumables, whatever.

I also like Dominos for customizing my toolbar setup so that I can have them of any size, orientation, locations, etc., on the screen. And I also use Auctioneer for AH stuff, since TSM (while good) is really overkill for what I need, and with the current AH user interface, doing anything on the AH without an addon is really annoying and almost painful.


BartrubySummonPet keeps your battle pet always summoned.

QuestReward highlights the quest reward with the highest vendor value.
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WQGF - Best tool for Legion Grouping, till blizztard broke it, cause reasons

Fishing Buddy and TomTom because I like fishing and get lost a lot.
Would be tough to choose between WoW-Pro Leveling and Altoholic for me.
Why should I have to go to third parties to enjoy the game? Blizzard should just produce a finished product.

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