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I am looking for a mythic guild to raid with in BFA.
I would like to DPS as a rogue or a warrior.
I was a mythic raider at the beginning of Legion, but stopped mythic raiding during mythic Nighthold progression after my guild disbanded. I have completed heroic versions of ToS and Antorus and have experience with 8/11 mythic Antorus bosses.

Times available & time zone: A start time around 10PM EST is preferred.
Server preference: No preference.
Faction preference: Horde.
Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore (3 raids nights a week).
Current progression/experience: 8/11M Antorus.
Contact info: FruitSnacks#1658

Please feel free to contact me on battle.net if you have any further questions.
Thank you!
<The Chimps> on Mal'Ganis are recruiting for our roster. We are experienced raiders ranging from 5/11m before March to some cutting edge players, looking for like minded people who want to push for cutting edge with us. We are planning on raiding 2 days M/W from 6-9pst.

We are mainly looking for DPS, melee or range, and 1-2 healers

What we offer:
Calm and collected officers who do not believe they are above everyone else due to their "rank." We expect our Officers to perform better than the players and are harder on them than anyone else in the raid.
Fair and equal tryouts. Everyone has those off nights either middle of progression or the first day you tryout for the guild. We will always work with a player who wants to improve.
We hear out people and suggestions. We are not tyrants, but with a limited amount of time we want to progress as quickly as possible.

What we expect from you:
Open to criticism from people. We will not allow someone to bash another member of the raid, but if someone sees something that can help not only you but the raid, we will allow it.
We expect you to be ready to pull as raid starts. We will not invite after 6pm unless there was a prior warning on why you will be late. Life happens and we understand. All we ask is that you communicate with us.
Have all consumables, addons, and everything else. Just a typical check list. The guild will not provide anything for the raid. Everyone must be self-sufficient.
Be mechanically skilled and not worrying about what you are parsing during progression.

You can message me here or add my Bnet tag Djlovedrop#1515
[US][H] Turalyon - <Causality> is a new semi-hardcore guild recruiting all rolls. While we are new, we are founded by highly experienced players who have high expectations for our members. We plan to be competitive, and to down all content. We have plans on organizing at least one alt run every week and plan on doing mythic+ extensively.

You can find more information here:

If you are highly interested you may fill out a brief application here:

If you want to talk to us before proceeding: you may contact us directly, but I will be adding you on BNet shortly:

BNet: maggotmike01#1917
Discord: M1K3#0810

BNet: Virgil#1638
Discord: Bandos#7129

Guild Name: <murlocs>
Website: murlocs.com
Server: Mal'ganis Horde

I'll keep it simple. We're a awesome guild with people who meet up monthly and raid weekly. Our raider experiences range from Top World Raiders (Previous US Top 50 players), to first time raiders (and faster learners).

We like to focus on community, over progression, but still maintain a "serious casual" relationship in game. We will be casually pushing mythic content in BFA.

* 1-Click Apply button *

Raid Times:
- Tuesday: 8:15-11:15pm EST
- Wednesday 8:15-11:15pm EST
- With weekend alt runs

If you're interested, feel free to apply above, or add me on battle.net:

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!
Hey Frewtsnackz.

Will keep it short and simple. We raid Tues, Wed and Fri - 9:30pm-12:30am Eastern. May go down to two days a week after early progression is down.

We are focused on mythic (CE) progression and M+ keys.

If that sounds like something you may like, contact us on bnet - pezek#1832
What's up! <Clouded Minds> of Mal'ganis is looking to fill our Mythic Roster with high quality raiders and you could be a solid fit. We were near Cutting Edge Mythic every tier(9/11M ABT, 6/9M ToS, 9/10 Nighthold, etc) this expansion and I would have classified us as a "casual Mythic guild."

In BFA however we're trimming the fat and pursuing Cutting Edge every single tier with a competitive roster and a hardcore mindset. If this is something that interests you, find out more about us and how to reach out via our main recruitment thread below!


Look forward to chatting with you!
If you time table opens up...

<Attempts Were Made>
[US][H][Thrall] is recruiting for our mythic progression team for BFA.
Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST ( 5-8pm PST )
Previous Progress: 10/11M Antorus

We are a newly formed guild made up of 10/11M raiders. We are currently reforming our mythic raid team with a progression mindset.

Recruitment Needs:
DPS w/ Healer OS
DPS w/ Tank OS
Death Knight

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18qDKo30G9nWGif-eaaPKmDJsALEj2YrP6k6aBdfdZXI/edit

How to Apply: Fill out a quick application here: https://goo.gl/forms/kE71tWAz56tozWOR2

You can also message us on Discord or BNet:

Recruitment Contacts:
Kaitlyn#1980 (BNet)
Kaitlyn#9472 (Discord)

Aperture#1385 (BNet)
Arriet#0437 (Discord)
Team Valkyrie (10/11M) of Eternal Kingdom on Area 52 US (PVE) is a multi team raiding community that is LFM for BFA! We raid MON/WED/THURS 8:30-11:30 PM PST (11:30-2:30 AM EST)

Current high dps Interest: DH, Spriest, Boomie, Warrior, Hunter
Check us out on www.eternal-kingdom.com

Battlenet: Kimbo#1603 if you would like to chat more
Discord: Magicmastja#2367
Old Line State
Late Night Mythic raiding and mythic+ guild
Contact: Pyroraptor#11368 : Guild Master and recruiter
Here is a link to our main post if you want to see more information about how we work: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765587244#1

We are Old Line State - named after the state of Maryland in the North American territory. We are compromised of many types of players from casuals - to hardcore. However, don't let that fool you; when it comes to raiding and mythic+ we are a semi-hardcore focused environment. We were originally known as Fear the Living on Bleeding Hollow when Legion first came out and have continued to have the same leadership throughout Legion and going into BFA. After transferring to Stormrage (alliance) halfway through Legion, we have found a stable server environment and have ultimately decided to go back to horde for the duration of BFA and the future. During Legion we cleared every raid tier on Heroic but are looking to progress into Mythic more during BFA.

  • Raid Days and Times

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1 am EST - 3:30 am EST (10 pm PST - 1 am PST)
    After we clear both normal and heroic difficulties with the raids on farm we drop to 2 night a week Mon and Wed. Fri will than be an optional heroic/normal alt run night for players to gear any friends or alts they may have.

  • Recruitment for Raiding
  • Tanks: FILLED
    Heals: FILLED

    We currently have an open recruitment for raiding. However, not every person will be accepted for raiding. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about raiding, open minded, and offer consistency for our group. Your past raiding experiences don't mean that much to us.
    <Club House> is a Horde guild on the server Kil'Jaeden and has been together for 10 years! We have server firsts and other experienced players within our raid. Currently we have downed 11/11 Mythic ABT and looking to solidify our roster going into BFA!

    We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9pm-Midnight PST with the occasional Monday raid if needed for content pushes.
    (times/days are subject to change during the beginning weeks of BFA)

    What we need from you:
    We're a mature guild so 18+ only please.
    Please have a working headset. (Push to talk during raids)
    We expect all of our raiders to be raid ready! That means Fully gem'd and Properly enchanted, food, flasks, pots and runes.
    be at the raid instance BEFORE the start time of 9pm.
    Knowledge of your class and boss fights.
    Be able to handle constructive criticism and the occasional trolling.
    Past warcraft logs.
    Have a good time.

    Currently we're looking for:
    Tank: N/A
    Ranged DPS: S Priest, Warlock, Boomy.
    Healer: Disc Priest, MW monk.
    Melee: Must have strong logs.

    Don't be shy... send a whisper!
    You can contact myself Berrt (NIkkibert#1394), Tittanis (Pimpion#1425) or Sleepydh (Sosleepy#11248) on KJ for anymore info.

    ....or toss an app up here:

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Happy Hunting.
    Guild: <haHAA>
    Faction: Alliance
    Server: Sargeras
    Schedule: 10pm est - 1am est tue/wed/thur for progression raids, members will be running M+ dungeons/islands/warfronts/etc on off nights. Farm nights will be scheduled but will be optional.
    Goal: Cutting Edge in Uldir ASAP
    Current Needs: Healers (priest and pally) for core spots but recruiting all classes to bolster our bench a little bit. Our raid spots are competitive so if you outperform someone who is in the core spot, we will bring you in for progression.

    Frodus#1978 Btag or Guy#9730 discord. PM if you have any questions or would like to apply.

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