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The time is at hand and new adventures are unfolding in Kul Tiras and Zuldazar. Where will your path take you?

Some features that you'll find in this patch:

War Mode, PvP Talents, Bounty Hunter System, Air Drops

PvP Rating Updates

Dueler's Guild

World of Warcraft Communities

Closer to the Heart of Azeroth

Mark your Calendars - Release Schedule

For those just returning or who otherwise need to be caught up we have guides for both new and returning players.

New Player's Guide / New Player Help and Guides forum
Returning Player's Guide / Returning Player Help and Discussion forum

As with any patch it is important to make sure that if you use addons that they have been updated. It may be a good idea to reset your UI to default to make sure that the old files aren't causing any issues.

Resetting your User Interface

Helpful links for various tech issues:

Hotfixes: October 26, 2018

Known Issues - Bug Report Forum:
8.0.1 Known Issues List - 8/13/18

Please note that this list is not a complete depiction of what we're aware of, but a sampling of issues we believe players may encounter more often. We'll try to keep this updated with trending issues when possible.

If you encounter what you believe to be a bug that is not on this list, please be sure to post in our Bug Report forum with details so our QA team can look into it.

Known Issues:

Mythic+ Weekly Chest after character service
    We are aware of an issue that is resetting character progress for Mythic+ after a Character Transfer and/or Faction Change. This is unintended and our Developers are working to implement a hotfix to resolve the issue going forward.

    Hotfixed: Issue has been resolved and character services should no longer reset qualifications for the Weekly Mythic+ Chest

Dune Scavenger is missing
    Hotfixed: Players who use the Captured Dune Scavenger item will receive the mount, and it should no longer disappear from inventory. If you have used the item Captured Dune Scavenger but are missing the mount, contact Customer Support.

The Heart of Azeroth is Not in Inventory
    Several players experienced an issue where the Heart of Azeroth is not being given to players automatically. Our Dev team implemented hotfix to resolve this issue. However, if you have completed the quest The Heart of Azeroth and do not have your item, contact Customer Support for assistance. We will be unable reimburse lost Azerite Power as a result of this bug.

Common Issues:

Can't start quest "A Choice of Allies"
    Not a Bug: In addition to the required Exalted Reputation and original storyline achievements for each race (detailed here: <a href=" you'll need to complete the introduction quests for either Kul Tiras for Alliance or Zandalar for Horde which will grant an achievement before the final unlock quests become available. Below are some links that should help you on your journey.

    Alliance need to complete the achievement “Come Sail Away” -
    Horde need to complete the achievement “Welcome to Zandalar -
Developer Q & A's:

We have taken the Dev Q & A videos and listed each player question so you can jump straight to it in the video. You can find a link to the various Q&A's from Legion and pre-Battle for Azeroth here.

Battle for Azeroth Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas (Game Director) - August 23

Pre-question commentary - Class Balance/Changes

Group Finder tool

Auction House/Guild Bank Latency


NPC Scaling -

Character Power Scaling -

PvP Scaling -

Item Level gains

Guild and Communities

Lost guild permissions -

Community Improvements-

Azerite Gear

Trade Mechanics -

Catch-up Mechanic -

Targeted Azerite Armor drop -

World Quests

Keeping rewards relevant -

Emissary Rewards -


Wanted Quests granting Rep -

Available Quests -

Island Expedition Rewards -

Dungeons & Raids

Mob density in dungeons -

War Mode/PvP

War Mode Incentive -

Roleplaying Realms -

PvP Rewards -

Conflicts of War

Character Models

Battle for Azeroth Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas (Game Director) - October 11

Azerite Armor

Specialization Traits -

Reforging Costs -

Azerite Armor in Mythic+ -

Trait Ability Information -

Removing Old Traits -


Tanks -

Restoration Shaman -

Unholy Death Knight / Affliction Warlock -


Allied Races


World First -

Items -

Island Expeditions

Roleplay Realms

Group Finder -

Alternate Characters

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