Legion LFR and where to find the NPC for it

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08/19/2018 11:21 PMPosted by Thadric
It will probably be added in later once they make sure the raids can actually be done solo without any issues. I know sometimes fights can't be completed because they aren't generally designed to be done solo.

Gorefiend still can't be done on mythic. He eats 2 people, so if you're there less than 3 people he just resets. And then of course you need to kill him before the timer for the eating move happens again, or you wipe.

Also Butcher may not be soloable at this time by non-pet classes, as his tank swap auto kills at 4 stacks.
Wing 1 of LFR unlocks within the next couple of hours,
so hopefully something shows up soon, unless they're waiting til all the LFR wings have unlocked.
Bump. Any news on Legion LFR npc?
I tried and tried to get shoulders to complete my paladin set but never got them...I'd like to go back and keep trying please. Lots of us want to go back to legion raidfinder for transmogrification purposes.
RIP for yall
Bumping again. Don't hate me.
09/10/2018 12:08 PMPosted by Gekijou
as his tank swap auto kills at 4 stacks.

It is not the tank swap that kills people, it is his cleave, which is an aoe he does on the most grouped players.

Also, I've been asking @Warcraftdevs about this the last two weeks on any new tweet they do, being ignored all the time so far.

I think they don't want to add one in until the next expansion since Legion doesn't have legacy loot mode active atm. Which if true, is retarded thinking.
Butcher was soloable at 110, albeit pretty challenging. At 120 it should be a joke
Hello? Blizzard? Please? This is content that KEEPS US PLAYING AND PAYING I would think you would be all over this!
Are they waiting for all wings of Uldir LFR to add this NPC in?
Good possibility
Any word on whether the raid finder NPCs are up for legion legacies?
I’ve seen a lot of talk on this thread about LFR NPCs, but no indication where they’re found. I haven’t seen them outside the older instances, so my question is: where are they?

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