Lack of Cooking Fires in Dazar'Alor

It's a little frustrating that none of the dozens and dozens of large grill pits covered in meat strewn throughout the city count as cooking fires. Am I missing where the real ones are, or will I have to make my own whenever I'm in the troll capital?
Cant you make your own
You can. Granted, something that looks like a cooking fire in game should probably be usable as one, but it's hardly a problem when you can produce your own cooking fire at-will.
I already mentioned I can easily make my own. My complaint is that many fire pits throughout WoW could be used as cooking fires, especially the ones that literally are cooking fires, up until this point.
Agreed. Like an idiot, I made one and thought, "I'll just go use one in the city & socialize with people around me!". Abandoned that one I made, all to get up there and find out there's not even one available. Waiting on the CD now, lol.
Agreed x100 op. Waiting on my cooldown too >___<
Try and get a Pierre battle pet from engineering. It acts as a cooking fire.
As annoying as it is... it is the reason I keep lil ragnaros on my bars
08/15/2018 05:53 AMPosted by Kallistus
Cant you make your own

Or have these fire pits work.
Ran into this today, there's no fire near the Cooking trainer (The chef to the king of an empire), but he's in a subzone that's kings kitchen every npc in the room has something to do with food or drink, and you're feet away from a giant slab of Dino meat that is clearly cooking over a fire. No fire in any room nearby. Furthermore the Trade Goods vendor 2 rooms away, which the guards tell you to go to does not sell cooking ingredients, you have to go down the pyramid for that, and low and behold no cooking fire down near there either.

I had 2 toys that make cooking fires, had used them both, and am was on the cooldown so I talked to the flight master and flew down to the next town down looking in the Port, there's meat cooking on fires INSIDE INN's that don't count as cooking fires here too. Please tell me this is a bug and blizzard isn't intentionally not putting a single cooking fire in the Horde Capital City. Furthermore what do Horde who don't have these toys do?
I dont know why this is a problem when you can make your own cooking fire.
08/20/2018 10:53 PMPosted by Krenna
I dont know why this is a problem when you can make your own cooking fire.

A 5 minute cool-down while running around the giant city is not ideal... I can't think of a time where a city did not have some sort of usable cooking fire.
There's cooking fire, toys, pets, but still, it would make sense to have an actual fire be... usable.
Hmm, Cooking Fire

Looks at Action Bar

Yup got that covered.
Report it as a bug or suggestion. I did.
The cooking trainer in Boralus is right next to some massive cooking fires and the vendor is like 5 steps away. but the horde doesn't even get a usable fire in their city
Find it funny how there are 2 anvils at the blacksmith place in Dazar'alor and only one is considered an anvil. What the hell is the other one than?
There’s like half of a damn T-Rex on the fire right next to the cooking trainer and it’s not considered a cooking fire..... it’s not a big deal but as others have said if you popped down your fire 2min ago by the scrapper say and need to cook something else, it makes no sense considering every torch in Org you can cook on lol
I blame Jani, she is probably blowing out all the fires as you go to cook on them.
akunda toy has lower colldown for cooking fire if you don't own a pierre or lil rag

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