How do I dispose of my artifact weapons?

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I have three of them taking up storage slots, and I have absolutely no need for them.
Tried the following, and nothing worked.
Void Storage.

Anything else? Just let me get rid of them please.
I found a little tiny planet and stabbed my sword into it.
Keep them. When Blizz finally decided to make them deletable you can show it to the new players in 2030 these legacy stuffs.
Actually, Blizzard already revealed how to delete your artifacts in a webcomic and two books. It's up to you to read them, no free loading around here.
First of all, your going to really want to keep them, you can still collect more apperences with them and achivements, and you need them for some quests if you want to continue doing broken isles loremaster.

Second, its only 3 slots (2 for demon hunter) are you telling me you filled your entire bank and all 7 bag slots and have absolutely no room?

Third, I do agree with you with one thing, it should be allowed to go into void storage, I don't know why they don't allow that since its not permanently losing them.
08/17/2018 02:03 AMPosted by Huggablysoft
I found a little tiny planet and stabbed my sword into it.

Thank you so much. I haven't laughed at a post here that hard in a long time... (Hug)

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