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AS the title states, I think there should be other reasonable methods for gaining rep for factions besides just world quests.

My suggestion was maybe let us select a faction to gain a set amount of rep with when doing pvp or dungeons. I know they did something like that in Pandaria from leveling for dungeons.

Another thing they could do is reintroduce tabards as an option for gaining rep with factions, instead of as just fashion items.

What suggestions do you guys have that would make sense? I really don't feel it's right there should only be one option for gaining rep. Also, I am not saying to make any options better than others, just to have more options.
You have quests, WQs, missions, Island Expeditions rare drops. More than enough. I mean, I'm already at Revered with almost every faction, the rep grind isn't as slow as people say.
I think the key is that they want it to not be open-ended, which contributes to some of the issues with tabbards.
Buy rep table missions for doubloons.

10 = 75 rep
25 = 100 rep
50 = 250 rep
75 = 400 rep
I think that tabards should be available at friendly and you should get rep for doing dungeons with that associated faction's tabard on. I believe this idea would be new and revolutionary and bring new aspects to rep grinds.
Open ended is great. If I want to go farm bears for rep for 20 hours straight that should be an option. I don't even care about the allied races I just wanna finish my damn war campaign. Who ever decided it should be rep locked needs to fired out of a canon into a rock wall.
The only think I'm not liking about the war campaign behind rep walls is that I forget what the hell happened since it's like a day or two in between each part. Granted that's mostly due to me alternating with an alliance character every other day.

I like that idea of buying rep-specific island expeditions for dubloons.
I'd like to see in the vein of the old 'turn in cloth for city rep' , just put a daily limit on it that way you at least feel like you did a little something extra each day, even if you just bought X in bulk on the auction house.

I think they should have made daily quest hubs, where you can pick one faction each day, and then 4-5 dailies will unlock for that day, spread out among all BfA zones. It's kind of like picking 4-5 extra world quests to unlock but it's just a different enough flavor to seem like you did a little something extra for the faction you wanted, especially if they were a unique style of quest unlike any world quest.
I love that first response, because it 100% misses the point.

Let me guess, you also only play one character? You also have no intent of leveling alts? And you just love grinding world quests?

No? Well, that's how it comes off.

This is my second 120. And likely, not my last before the end of the expansion. And there are two factions that REQUIRE you to rep grind as much as possible to get either, War campaign done, or, to get ilvls for your neck slot. If you don't do both, you will likely be artificially locked out of certain content until they are done.

Also, notice, I did not say easier options. I even clearly stated I didn't ask for better options, just more options. Maybe actually read the post before throwing some copy paste tier nonsense out. I like options. Most people like options. I am not asking for free or easy rep, juts more options to get it so I don't burn out doing the same rep grind, by world quests and island expedition each day, every week.

For example, Bored of world quests? Do PvP. Or dungeons. Or whatever else there may be at end game at the current moment. Right now though, if you've done expeditions, then world quests are your only choice.

Mission table is not gameplay. It's something you take a minute of your time while in the faction's main city to throw followers and troops at before heading back out to do world quests, gather mats, run dungeons, depending on server, roleplay, have fun with guildies and friends. All of that stuff is playing the game. Does it eventually add up? Sure. I made sure to check class hall whenever possible while grinding for lightforged. But that didn't make it fun or exciting, just a checklist item for grinding.
Why can't they bring back tabards, or turn-ins like we had in BC?
His post doesn't entirely miss the point, OP, as "more options" is usually coded language for "faster methods". In some select cases I'm sure people are happy with the pacing but just want more options, but the majority of people usually just want it to go much, much faster. Which is perfectly fine--people are free to ask for that. But that's really the motive. If Blizzard implemented a system where you could get rep from ~50 different sources but put a daily cap that keep pacing the same, the forum would still be littered with complaints.
Rep in dungeons would be super helpful, because it means more people willing to run them. Even if it's just heroics, since they like limiting people.

I approve of people advocating for more ways to earn rep. It shows their willingness to play the game to earn it and wanting more ways to do so.
Need more of the gatherer mats turn in quests. Fish ore leather should all be repeatable quests for rep.
I understand that, but I am personally just asking for more options. if they want to check the average max rep gainable through world quests each day and add a cap so that there can be more options? Fine. At least I would be able to have more fun approaching it whatever way I feel like doing it, and not just be forced to repeat the same world quests over and over, character after character, if I don't want to.
I don't mind WQs, or any other rep, but I hate time gates. I don't like feeling obligated to play a character every day in order to get the rep.

However, if you drop the time gate that WQ gives, then it allows people to just grind. If there's a grind available, some people will do it quickly, and others get mad at that.

The current system is a balance of having a grind, but one that a casual player has a chance to keep up with. I'm not a big fan because I actually like running in circles killing the same mobs over and over (I started with EQ, mindless farming is in my blood), but allowing that method to farm rep means that "elite" guilds would have things maxed even more quickly than they do already. Same goes to any non capped system.

Capping rep gain per day for any other method than WQ (like dungeons or whatever), has the same issue to me of time gating. It creates what feels like an obligation to play a certain character every day. Maybe I could get in all done in 30 min, but I'd rather spend 3 hours doing it on a Sunday afternoon that 30 min every day. Anything uncapped allows the farming to be too fast.

As to whether it's better to have WQ, mob grind, dungeon, etc...I have some preferences, but I don't really care. It's about time locked or not. I prefer not since I'm okay with others getting things a little faster than me and I like the idea of devoting continuous hours to get something done ASAP instead of having to do it slowly.
Maybe something they could do to address the time-gating issue, is to have accumulative cap. So, from the start of the expansion(factions added later could have it start then.) a cumulative cap accrues. So you would not be able to get max rep right away, or before anyone else. But by a certain point, the cumulative cap would surpass the amount required for exalted. So, once that happens, you could grind out rep at your leisure, and no longer have to worry about time gating.

Sure, it would still be time-gated early, but I figure that's fine, since it's newly released. But if you want to level/play another character, you would be able to catch them up faster. without the worry of needing to have grinded the rep out simultaneously so that you don't fall behind due to daily time-gating. Not exactly refined, but I figure for a base, it might be a good idea to give some thought. I know it would be more complicated than how I put it, I'm sure, but it's at least worth mentioning any ideas that may solve as many problems as possible.
08/27/2018 12:32 PMPosted by Kharneus
Imean, I'm already at Revered with almost every faction, the rep grind isn't as slow as people say.

Of course you are. That’s because you’re Alliance! Try rep grinding as Horde starting from next to nothing, then talk.
08/27/2018 02:14 PMPosted by Ìsabella
08/27/2018 12:32 PMPosted by Kharneus
Imean, I'm already at Revered with almost every faction, the rep grind isn't as slow as people say.

Of course you are. That’s because you’re Alliance! Try rep grinding as Horde starting from next to nothing, then talk.

You quoting him had me confused, then I decided to check, and he is human. lol That 10% rep increase really adds up too.
I don't like being put on a leash when it comes to rep. If I only have one day off and that's my only day to catch up then I want the ability to just grind rep till I die.

They could make it so you can't grind more then say 2,000 rep a day but it adds up per day. So if you missed the first day you can grind 4,000 rep. If you miss 2 days 6,000, etc.. The cap is always in place and so is how much you have. Say you only got 1,800 rep out of a possible 2,000 for the first day. The next day the 200 rep you didn't get goes toward your cap so you can grind 2,200 the following day.

-Kill mobs for 5 or so rep each.
-Token drops like WotLK.
-The boat table quest thingy is fine.
-Profession quest turn ins (include ALL professions).
-Tabard (like mentioned above)

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