Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
So i'm looking for a social guild, That is looking to raid and do mythic+ content. What i hope for is a guild that is active in Voice chat, as well as in game. A guild that doesn't mind someone who is a bit foul mouthed, and will have a bit of a slow start getting warmed up too the guild. I'm not entirely sold on playing horde side as my current main is alliance side. But I've been feeling the call of the Horde more and more recently. With that said i don't mind a bit of RP and i realize our server group is not known for RPers as well as ones that focus on raiding. But it's a little bonus for me if that's an active thing in the guild.

That said i am potentially boosting a monk soon as i';m too level too level one, and plus i miss playing the class. More so i may be focusing on the Brewmaster aspect as its what i use to main on a separate server back in the day. Oh another thing i am looking for in guild is one that wants to do activities with one another, whether scheduled or not. Whether it be PvP, WQ's, Expeditions, or just dungeon runs to help each other gear up.

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